Colchester, New London Co. Connecticut



Latitude: 41.5756728, Longitude: -72.3320051


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BROWN, Chloe  30 Jan 1734Colchester, New London Co. Connecticut I63747
2 CHAMBERLAIN, Alice  Abt 1738Colchester, New London Co. Connecticut I10576
3 GATES, Anna  31 Dec 1734Colchester, New London Co. Connecticut I24005
4 HARRIS, Elizabeth  22 Feb 1746Colchester, New London Co. Connecticut I78579
5 HARRIS, Lebbeus  11 Aug 1713Colchester, New London Co. Connecticut I27459
6 LOOMIS, Caleb  20 Sep 1707Colchester, New London Co. Connecticut I36623
7 LOOMIS, Daniel  16 Jun 1735Colchester, New London Co. Connecticut I36632
8 LOOMIS, Elizabeth  13 Nov 1702Colchester, New London Co. Connecticut I36652
9 LOOMIS, Elizabeth  06 Sep 1738Colchester, New London Co. Connecticut I36659
10 LOOMIS, John  06 Jun 1741Colchester, New London Co. Connecticut I36729
11 LOOMIS, Mary  18 Aug 1733Colchester, New London Co. Connecticut I36770
12 LOOMIS, Samuel  30 Dec 1748Colchester, New London Co. Connecticut I36814
13 LOOMIS, Sarah  07 Mar 1705Colchester, New London Co. Connecticut I36825
14 RANSOM, Alice  29 Oct 1765Colchester, New London Co. Connecticut I45802
15 RANSOM, Amos  04 Dec 1760Colchester, New London Co. Connecticut I45808
16 RANSOM, Anna  15 Feb 1755Colchester, New London Co. Connecticut I45811
17 RANSOM, James  16 Jan 1738Colchester, New London Co. Connecticut I45871
18 RANSOM, Margaret  26 Mar 1758Colchester, New London Co. Connecticut I45902
19 RANSOM, Martha  19 Apr 1751Colchester, New London Co. Connecticut I45903
20 RANSOM, Mary  15 Oct 1753Colchester, New London Co. Connecticut I45905
21 RANSOM, Nathaniel  15 Sep 1763Colchester, New London Co. Connecticut I45918
22 RANSOM, Newton Jr.  11 May 1762Colchester, New London Co. Connecticut I45920
23 SKINNER, Joanna  27 Jan 1707Colchester, New London Co. Connecticut I50057
24 SKINNER, Sarah  17 Jul 1697Colchester, New London Co. Connecticut I50067
25 TAINTOR, Michael  31 Dec 1719Colchester, New London Co. Connecticut I56072


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 LOOMIS, Israel  02 Sep 1744Colchester, New London Co. Connecticut I36702


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 DAY, John  25 Aug 1780Colchester, New London Co. Connecticut I15552
2 HYDE, Jerusha  23 Aug 1771Colchester, New London Co. Connecticut I31661
3 LOOMIS, Caleb  04 Aug 1784Colchester, New London Co. Connecticut I36621
4 LOOMIS, Elizabeth  03 Dec 1789Colchester, New London Co. Connecticut I36652
5 LOOMIS, Elizabeth  27 Jun 1807Colchester, New London Co. Connecticut I36659
6 LOOMIS, Samuel  04 Nov 1814Colchester, New London Co. Connecticut I36814
7 LOOMIS, Sarah  1780Colchester, New London Co. Connecticut I36825
8 MARVIN, Lydia  10 Jun 1775Colchester, New London Co. Connecticut I38026
9 RANSOM, Ezekiel  14 Nov 1760Colchester, New London Co. Connecticut I45843
10 RANSOM, James  12 Aug 1823Colchester, New London Co. Connecticut I45871
11 RANSOM, Martha  26 Sep 1839Colchester, New London Co. Connecticut I45903
12 SKINNER, Joanna  Aft 1755Colchester, New London Co. Connecticut I50057
13 STARK, Jerusha  22 Mar 1847Colchester, New London Co. Connecticut I54800
14 TAINTOR, Michael  20 Nov 1748Colchester, New London Co. Connecticut I56072
15 WORTHINGTON, Daniel  01 Mar 1784Colchester, New London Co. Connecticut I62790


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 RANSOM, James  16 Jul 1738Colchester, New London Co. Connecticut I45871