Beverly, Essex Co., Massachusetts



Latitude: 42.5584283, Longitude: -70.8800490


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 CLARK, John  07 Oct 1685Beverly, Essex Co., Massachusetts I11672
2 DODGE, Richard  1643Beverly, Essex Co., Massachusetts I19265
3 HARDY, Elizabeth  1617Beverly, Essex Co., Massachusetts I27303
4 HASKELL, Abigail  18 Oct 1681Beverly, Essex Co., Massachusetts I27647
5 HASKELL, Abigail  30 Mar 1684Beverly, Essex Co., Massachusetts I27648
6 HASKELL, Daniel  Between 11 Jan 1691 and 1692Beverly, Essex Co., Massachusetts I27662
7 HASKELL, Elizabeth  Bef 14 May 1699Beverly, Essex Co., Massachusetts I27674
8 HASKELL, Hannah  1658Beverly, Essex Co., Massachusetts I27688
9 HASKELL, Hannah  23 Jan 1687Beverly, Essex Co., Massachusetts I27687
10 HASKELL, Josiah  Abt 1659Beverly, Essex Co., Massachusetts I27716
11 HASKELL, Josiah  16 Aug 1685Beverly, Essex Co., Massachusetts I27715
12 HASKELL, Judith  May 1690Beverly, Essex Co., Massachusetts I27717
13 HASKELL, Judith  23 Apr 1703Beverly, Essex Co., Massachusetts I27718
14 HASKELL, Mark  Abt 1650Beverly, Essex Co., Massachusetts I27727
15 HASKELL, Roger  Abt 1657Beverly, Essex Co., Massachusetts I27754
16 HASKELL, Roger  16 Oct 1697Beverly, Essex Co., Massachusetts I27753
17 HASKELL, Samuel  1662Beverly, Essex Co., Massachusetts I27758
18 HASKELL, Sarah  Abt 1661Beverly, Essex Co., Massachusetts I27765
19 HASKELL, Sarah  Bef 09 Nov 1701Beverly, Essex Co., Massachusetts I27764
20 HASKELL, William  Abt 1645Beverly, Essex Co., Massachusetts I27781
21 HERRICK, Henry  9 Sep 1688Beverly, Essex Co., Massachusetts I68296
22 HERRICK, Mary  14 Jun 1690Beverly, Essex Co., Massachusetts I28370


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 EVANS, Ethel Mildred  Aug 1954Beverly, Essex Co., Massachusetts I85550
2 FOULE, Elinor  1650Beverly, Essex Co., Massachusetts I22977
3 GRIGGS, Sarah  Abt 1734Beverly, Essex Co., Massachusetts I26207
4 HASKELL, Abigail  22 Oct 1681Beverly, Essex Co., Massachusetts I27647
5 HASKELL, Josiah  09 May 1684Beverly, Essex Co., Massachusetts I27716
6 HASKELL, Josiah  26 Aug 1685Beverly, Essex Co., Massachusetts I27715
7 HASKELL, Roger  16 Jun 1667Beverly, Essex Co., Massachusetts I27751
8 HASKELL, Samuel  Bef May 1732Beverly, Essex Co., Massachusetts I27758
9 WOODBURY, William  Bef 15 Feb 1710/11Beverly, Essex Co., Massachusetts I62620


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 HARDY, Elizabeth  Bef Jul 1675Beverly, Essex Co., Massachusetts I27303
2 HASKELL, Mark  20 Aug 1693Beverly, Essex Co., Massachusetts I27723