Winston County, Mississippi



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 FOSTER, Eddith Virginia  15 Dec 1915Winston County, Mississippi I87195
2 FOSTER, George Sylvester  16 Feb 1937Winston County, Mississippi I87200
3 FOSTER, Lessie B.   I87196
4 HISAW, Benjamin Jacob  7 Dec 1855Winston County, Mississippi I87230
5 HISAW, Gussie Mae  23 Jan 1909Winston County, Mississippi I87100
6 HISAW, Henry Martial  11 Feb 1837Winston County, Mississippi I87222
7 HISAW, John Westley  1 Aug 1841Winston County, Mississippi I87225
8 HISAW, Leonidas Lafayette Asberry  3 Dec 1851Winston County, Mississippi I87209
9 HISAW, Leroy William  26 Sep 1916Winston County, Mississippi I87236
10 HISAW, Marion Edwin  18 Jun 1940Winston County, Mississippi I87127
11 HISAW, Mary Lucinda Dovie  4 Nov 1899Winston County, Mississippi I87098
12 HISAW, Mary Susan Elizabeth  31 Aug 1845Winston County, Mississippi I87227
13 HISAW, Ollie Gladys  29 May 1927Winston County, Mississippi I87242
14 HISAW, Raymond Odel  17 May 1914Winston County, Mississippi I87108
15 HISAW, Sarah Caroline  11 Apr 1838Winston County, Mississippi I87223
16 HISAW, Thadeus Elonzo  12 Oct 1843Winston County, Mississippi I87226
17 HISAW, William Westley  11 Feb 1837Winston County, Mississippi I87221
18 LIDDELL, Nannie E.  26 Oct 1875Winston County, Mississippi I69980
19 MOODY, Jasper Newton  Aug 1850Winston County, Mississippi I87059
20 REED, Ora J.  3 Apr 1903Winston County, Mississippi I87183
21 SLAWSON, Amzonie  15 Feb 1891Winston County, Mississippi I87185
22 SLAWSON, Clementina  20 Jan 1867Winston County, Mississippi I86885
23 SLAWSON, Clemson Huel  19 Dec 1897Winston County, Mississippi I87175
24 SLAWSON, Daughter  Winston County, Mississippi I86935
25 SLAWSON, Della  Abt 1874Winston County, Mississippi I86887
26 SLAWSON, Eveline  Apr 1882Winston County, Mississippi I86890
27 SLAWSON, James Henry Joel  1 Mar 1864Winston County, Mississippi I51611
28 SLAWSON, James Henry L.  24 Jan 1908Winston County, Mississippi I87177
29 SLAWSON, Jewel Flossie  Abt 1928Winston County, Mississippi I86949
30 SLAWSON, Joel Luther  2 Feb 1895Winston County, Mississippi I87174
31 SLAWSON, John E. Huston  7 May 1900Winston County, Mississippi I87176
32 SLAWSON, John Zeddock  7 Jul 1858Winston County, Mississippi I86891
33 SLAWSON, Ludie Mae  26 Feb 1905Winston County, Mississippi I87186
34 SLAWSON, Marvin   I87188
35 SLAWSON, Minnie B.  26 Jul 1911Winston County, Mississippi I87187
36 SLAWSON, Nelson Lonzo  11 Jun 1924Winston County, Mississippi I86948
37 SLAWSON, Prentiss Hilmon  7 Dec 1938Winston County, Mississippi I86878
38 SLAWSON, Roger Wilson  7 Mar 1911Winston County, Mississippi I86963
39 SLAWSON, William Clayton  7 Nov 1900Winston County, Mississippi I86959
40 SLAWSON, William Thomas  22 Jan 1892Winston County, Mississippi I87173
41 SLAWSON, Willie Joe  19 Jan 1930Winston County, Mississippi I86950
42 SLAWSON, Zoie Asareen  31 Jul 1889Winston County, Mississippi I87184
43 WILLIAMSON, Jack Benjamin  24 Dec 1915Winston County, Mississippi I87203


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 FROSHOUR, Blanch R.  2 Apr 1922Winston County, Mississippi I87107
2 HISAW, Eula May  17 Nov 1935Winston County, Mississippi I87190
3 HISAW, Jesse  1 May 1884Winston County, Mississippi I87218
4 KIRK, Laura Izora  24 Feb 1955Winston County, Mississippi I86993
5 MCADORY, Elizabeth Emeline  Aft 1860Winston County, Mississippi I87219
6 MOODY, Louisa Clementine  1928Winston County, Mississippi I40180
7 PARKES, Eley  aft. 1900Winston County, Mississippi I43358
8 SANDERS, Jasper Jackson  6 Mar 1944Winston County, Mississippi I86992
9 SLAWSON, Garlonus Lafate  1964Winston County, Mississippi I86863
10 SLAWSON, James  05 Aug 1902Winston County, Mississippi I51603
11 SLAWSON, John Zeddock  20 Nov 1921Winston County, Mississippi I86891
12 SLAWSON, Lou Amanda  Aug 1935Winston County, Mississippi I86884
13 SLAWSON, Runie  9 Aug 1907Winston County, Mississippi I86978
14 SLAWSON, Susan  1894Winston County, Mississippi I52314
15 SLAWSON, William  Abt 1890Winston County, Mississippi I52418
16 SLAWSON, Zoie Asareen  27 Jul 1912Winston County, Mississippi I87184
17 SULLIVAN, Annie Beatrice  13 Aug 1986Winston County, Mississippi I87182


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 PARKES, Eley  1 Apr 1895Winston County, Mississippi I43358


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 RICKELS / SLAWSON  24 Jul 1865Winston County, Mississippi F23932
2 SLAWSON / HUMPHRIES  Winston County, Mississippi F11856
3 SLAWSON / MOODY  Abt 1848Winston County, Mississippi F23930
4 SLAWSON / PARKES  1868Winston County, Mississippi F23931
5 SLAWSON / WATKINS  Abt 1858Winston County, Mississippi F11857