Vincennes, Knox County, Indiana



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 SLAWSON, Ada  09 Mar 1887Vincennes, Knox County, Indiana I50852
2 SLAWSON, Charles  03 Apr 1881Vincennes, Knox County, Indiana I50985
3 SLAWSON, Charles Glenn  04 Jun 1890Vincennes, Knox County, Indiana I51003
4 SLAWSON, Chester  20 May 1897Vincennes, Knox County, Indiana I51029
5 SLAWSON, Courtney  Vincennes, Knox County, Indiana I51079
6 SLAWSON, Frank  16 Dec 1882Vincennes, Knox County, Indiana I51362
7 SLAWSON, Harry Patterson  06 Oct 1893Vincennes, Knox County, Indiana I51500
8 SLAWSON, Herman Hosy  24 Mar 1907Vincennes, Knox County, Indiana I51534
9 SLAWSON, Joseph  Vincennes, Knox County, Indiana I51714
10 SLAWSON, Mary  01 Jan 1885Vincennes, Knox County, Indiana I51907
11 SLAWSON, Mazie  06 Jul 1879Vincennes, Knox County, Indiana I51961
12 SLAWSON, Potter  05 Mar 1877Vincennes, Knox County, Indiana I52100
13 SLAWSON, Roberta Lucille  1922Vincennes, Knox County, Indiana I52163
14 SLAWSON, Roscoe Bernice  26 Jun 1903Vincennes, Knox County, Indiana I52170
15 SLAWSON, Stanley Byron  22 Aug 1922Vincennes, Knox County, Indiana I52301
16 SLAWSON, Walter  1882Vincennes, Knox County, Indiana I52383


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BORDEN, Alpha Madull  Feb 1983Vincennes, Knox County, Indiana I06973
2 BRYANT, Mary  Feb 1905Vincennes, Knox County, Indiana I08679
3 HALL, Harriet Julie  23 Jun 1937Vincennes, Knox County, Indiana I26894
4 QUINN, Anna  05 Mar 1877Vincennes, Knox County, Indiana I45703
5 SLAWSON, Abner Reeves  10 Dec 1894Vincennes, Knox County, Indiana I50844
6 SLAWSON, Borden Keith  18 Jun 1993Vincennes, Knox County, Indiana I50955
7 SLAWSON, Charles  06 Feb 1884Vincennes, Knox County, Indiana I50985
8 SLAWSON, Cora  1937Vincennes, Knox County, Indiana I51065
9 SLAWSON, Dora  24 Apr 1934Vincennes, Knox County, Indiana I51171
10 SLAWSON, Ernest F.  Sep 1970Vincennes, Knox County, Indiana I51308
11 SLAWSON, James Bryant  05 Feb 1890Vincennes, Knox County, Indiana I51606
12 SLAWSON, Jesse  Feb 1933Vincennes, Knox County, Indiana I51638
13 SLAWSON, John Wellburn  25 Jul 1991Vincennes, Knox County, Indiana I51701
14 SLAWSON, Lafayette  13 Dec 1919Vincennes, Knox County, Indiana I51762
15 SLAWSON, Lafayette  21 Apr 1935Vincennes, Knox County, Indiana I51761
16 SLAWSON, Mazie  09 Jun 1880Vincennes, Knox County, Indiana I51961
17 SLAWSON, Potter  05 Mar 1902Vincennes, Knox County, Indiana I52100
18 SLAWSON, Theodore  Oct 1971Vincennes, Knox County, Indiana I52328
19 SLAWSON, William Henry  01 Apr 1912Vincennes, Knox County, Indiana I52443


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 SLAWSON / KASSEN  06 Apr 1920Vincennes, Knox County, Indiana F20760