Jackson County, Michigan



Latitude: 42.1764362, Longitude: -84.3542049


Matches 1 to 16 of 16

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BLISS SMITH, Elenore Kathryn  1939Jackson County, Michigan I53286
2 BROWN, Grace Mildred  19 Nov 1879Jackson County, Michigan I78887
3 GODFREY, Alfred L.  26 Jul 1858Jackson County, Michigan I78701
4 GODFREY, Arthur L.  26 Sep 1854Jackson County, Michigan I78697
5 GODFREY, Byron C.  11 Dec 1854Jackson County, Michigan I78689
6 GODFREY, Charles H.  12 Oct 1845Jackson County, Michigan I78685
7 GODFREY, Clark Porter  1849Jackson County, Michigan I78687
8 GODFREY, Frank B.  2 Feb 1853Jackson County, Michigan I78688
9 GODFREY, Harrison W.  3 Mar 1847Jackson County, Michigan I78686
10 GODFREY, Hattie  6 Feb 1874Jackson County, Michigan I78777
11 GODFREY, Mattie N.  9 May 1867Jackson County, Michigan I78768
12 GODFREY, May N.  2 Sep 1871Jackson County, Michigan I78770
13 GODFREY, Victor Fremont  15 Sep 1856Jackson County, Michigan I78690
14 GOUDIE, William W.   I78833
15 HULETT, Cora Elizabeth  5 May 1858Jackson County, Michigan I78815
16 LOCKWOOD, Louis Howard  Abt 1893Jackson County, Michigan I78837


Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BLACKMER, Ethel M.  8 Jan 1949Jackson County, Michigan I78825
2 BLISS SMITH, Elenore Kathryn  2007Jackson County, Michigan I53286
3 GODFREY, Alfred L.  10 Oct 1859Jackson County, Michigan I78701
4 GODFREY, Alonzo  30 Sep 1855Jackson County, Michigan I78614
5 GODFREY, Amos Holmes  23 Oct 1901Jackson County, Michigan I78619
6 GODFREY, Edith  12 Jan 1901Jackson County, Michigan I78754
7 GODFREY, Elijah  9 Nov 1862Jackson County, Michigan I25424
8 GODFREY, Lucinda  18 Feb 1899Jackson County, Michigan I78621
9 LYMAN, Mary Bissell  13 Nov 1861Jackson County, Michigan I78693
10 SLAWSON, Catharine  30 Sep 1870Jackson County, Michigan I50976