Bridgewater, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts



Latitude: 41.9903519, Longitude: -70.9750541


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ALDEN, Zephaniah  13 Jun 1724Bridgewater, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I01672
2 ALLEN, Sarah  14 Apr 1667Bridgewater, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I01883
3 CAREY, Eleazer  27 Sep 1678Bridgewater, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I09892
4 CAREY, James  1680Bridgewater, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I09903
5 CAREY, John  1671Bridgewater, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I09905
6 CAREY, John  1674Bridgewater, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I09906
7 CAREY, Nathaniel  1676Bridgewater, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I09928
8 CAREY, Seth  1672Bridgewater, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I09934
9 EDSON, Jonathan  Between 10 Mar 1728 and 1729Bridgewater, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I20549
10 EDSON, Samuel  14 Jan 1690Bridgewater, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I20550
11 HOOPER, Sarah  9 Oct 1705Bridgewater, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I80335
12 LEACH, Stephen  28 Jan 1698/9Bridgewater, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I80336
13 LEONARD, Richard  Abt 1626Bridgewater, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I35777
14 SHAW, Daniel  29 Sep 1742Bridgewater, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I49309
15 SNELL, Jemima  3 May 1704Bridgewater, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I80330
16 SNOW, Benjamin  Abt 1669Bridgewater, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I80326
17 SNOW, Benjamin  23 Jun 1696Bridgewater, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I80329
18 SNOW, Ebenezer  29 Mar 1701Bridgewater, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I80333
19 SNOW, Elizabeth  5 May 1705Bridgewater, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I80339
20 SNOW, Rebekah  7 Nov 1694Bridgewater, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I80331
21 SNOW, Sarah  20 Aug 1706Bridgewater, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I80328
22 WILBOR, Alice Antionette  24 Nov 1847Bridgewater, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I70570
23 WILBOR, Emily Jane  1850Bridgewater, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I70572
24 WILBOR, Isaac  14 May 1759Bridgewater, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I68752
25 WILBOR, Isaac  13 Oct 1794Bridgewater, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I61294
26 WILBOR, Mary Elizabeth  15 Sep 1845Bridgewater, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I70568
27 WILBOR, Oliver  1 Mar 1796Bridgewater, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I70574


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ALDEN, Joseph  08 Feb 1696/7Bridgewater, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I01644
2 DEANE, Sarah  20 Sep 1747Bridgewater, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I17928
3 EDSON, Samuel  27 Dec 1771Bridgewater, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I20550
4 FOBES, Stella  30 Nov 1893Bridgewater, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I70566
5 GODFREY, Francis  30 Jul 1669Bridgewater, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I25429
6 HOWARD, Jonathan  1739Bridgewater, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I29822
7 LEACH, Stephen  28 Oct 1729Bridgewater, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I80336
8 LEONARD, Solomon  01 May 1671Bridgewater, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts  I35786
9 PADELFORD, Joshua  Nov 1880Bridgewater, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I42758
10 PRATT, Sarah  23 Jun 1737Bridgewater, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I80334
11 RICHMOND, Sarah  9 Jun 1787Bridgewater, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts  I98181
12 RICKARD, Mary  11 Sep 1760Bridgewater, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts  I98364
13 RIPLEY, Mary  17 Mar 1787Bridgewater, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts  I46799
14 SNELL, Jemima  6 Feb 1784Bridgewater, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I80330
15 SNOW, Benjamin  28 May 1743Bridgewater, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I80326
16 SNOW, Benjamin  29 Oct 1760Bridgewater, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I80329
17 SNOW, Rebekah  4 Sep 1763Bridgewater, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I80331
18 WASHBURN, Joseph  20 Apr 1733Bridgewater, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts  I93697
19 WASHBURN, Josiah  27 Jan 1733/4Bridgewater, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts  I98448
20 WEST, Esther  1778Bridgewater, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts  I98167
21 WILBOR, Isaac  19 Feb 1834Bridgewater, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I68752
22 WILBOR, Isaac  04 Jun 1854Bridgewater, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I61294
23 WILBOR, Oliver  13 Jun 1868Bridgewater, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I70574


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Campbell / ?  15 May 1764Bridgewater, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts F32327
2 HOWARD / DEANE  08 Oct 1691Bridgewater, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts F11166
3 Leach / Hooper  5 May 1725Bridgewater, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts F32323
4 SNOW / Hooper  14 Dec 1737Bridgewater, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts F32322
5 SNOW / Pratt  Abt 1728Bridgewater, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts F32321