Roxbury, Suffolk County, Massachusetts



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BAXTER, Abigail  Sep 1634Roxbury, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I68712
2 BOYLSTON, Joanna  1692Roxbury, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I07395
3 BURR, John  Abt 1633Roxbury, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I09213
4 CHAMBERLAIN, Edward  09 Feb 1723Roxbury, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I10579
5 CHAMBERLAIN, Jacob  05 Mar 1685Roxbury, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I10588
6 CHAMBERLAIN, Sarah  12 Jul 1712Roxbury, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I10600
7 GOAD, Mary  27 Mar 1687Roxbury, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I89473
8 GRIFFIN, Sarah  19 Jul 1690Roxbury, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I72877
9 PARKE, Martha  13 Mar 1642Roxbury, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I43282
10 SCOTT, Joseph  27 Mar 1682Roxbury, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I48780
11 SCOTT, Samuel  14 Feb 1709Roxbury, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I48784
12 SLAWSON, Beulah Florence  21 Jul 1893Roxbury, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I72436
13 SLAWSON, Frederick Grant Jr.  27 Nov 1899Roxbury, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I72442
14 SLAWSON, Irving Montgomery  22 Aug 1898Roxbury, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I72440
15 SLAWSON, Oliver Sherwood  28 Dec 1895Roxbury, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I72438
16 WILLIAMS, Isaac  1 Sep 1638Roxbury, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I61744


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 CHAMBERLAIN, Jacob  08 Nov 1761Roxbury, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I10588
2 PAYSON, Sarah  11 Feb 1773Roxbury, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I43584


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 CHAMBERLAIN / PAYSON  30 May 1711Roxbury, Suffolk County, Massachusetts F16497
2 SCOTT / CHAMBERLAIN  04 Nov 1730Roxbury, Suffolk County, Massachusetts F09782
3 SCOTT / PRIOR  17 May 1708Roxbury, Suffolk County, Massachusetts F09797