Middleborough, Plymouth County, Massachusetts



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ALDEN, Abigail  19 May 1744Middleborough, Plymouth County, Massachusetts I93686
2 ALDEN, Andrew  16 Oct 1769Middleborough, Plymouth County, Massachusetts I93695
3 ALDEN, Caleb  26 Oct 1759Middleborough, Plymouth County, Massachusetts I93692
4 ALDEN, David  14 Jan 1729/30Middleborough, Plymouth County, Massachusetts I93675
5 ALDEN, David  30 Jun 1766Middleborough, Plymouth County, Massachusetts I93694
6 ALDEN, Earl  3 Nov 1778Middleborough, Plymouth County, Massachusetts I93541
7 ALDEN, Hannah  18 Jan 1735/6Middleborough, Plymouth County, Massachusetts I93683
8 ALDEN, Huldah  8 Oct 1733Middleborough, Plymouth County, Massachusetts I93682
9 ALDEN, Huldah  18 Dec 1762Middleborough, Plymouth County, Massachusetts I93693
10 ALDEN, Lydia  14 Nov 1771Middleborough, Plymouth County, Massachusetts I93538
11 ALDEN, Nathan  20 Jun 1788Middleborough, Plymouth County, Massachusetts I93542
12 ALDEN, Otis  14 Oct 1773Middleborough, Plymouth County, Massachusetts I93539
13 ALDEN, Peter  17 Feb 1747Middleborough, Plymouth County, Massachusetts I93688
14 ALDEN, Polly  11 Dec 1776Middleborough, Plymouth County, Massachusetts I93540
15 ALDEN, Priscilla  7 Oct 1769Middleborough, Plymouth County, Massachusetts I93537
16 ALDEN, Rufus  18 May 1757Middleborough, Plymouth County, Massachusetts I93691
17 ALDEN, Silas  10 Oct 1739Middleborough, Plymouth County, Massachusetts I93684
18 ALDEN, Solomon  21 Nov 1728Middleborough, Plymouth County, Massachusetts I93550
19 EATON, Barnabas  12 Apr 1703Middleborough, Plymouth County, Massachusetts I20412
20 HACKETT, Alice  18 Jan 1714/5Middleborough, Plymouth County, Massachusetts I26667
21 MILLER, Priscilla  19 May 1745Middleborough, Plymouth County, Massachusetts I93465
22 PADELFORD, Fred Emerson  29 Mar 1899Middleborough, Plymouth County, Massachusetts I42618
23 PADELFORD, John Carlton  03 Feb 1897Middleborough, Plymouth County, Massachusetts I42729
24 RICHMOND, Abigail  1696Middleborough, Plymouth County, Massachusetts I100994
25 RICHMOND, Miriam  1733Middleborough, Plymouth County, Massachusetts I100412
26 THOMAS, Daniel Vaughan  3 Apr 1769Middleborough, Plymouth County, Massachusetts I93461


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ALDEN, Abigail  25 Jan 1845Middleborough, Plymouth County, Massachusetts I93686
2 ALDEN, David  16 Jan 1814Middleborough, Plymouth County, Massachusetts I93675
3 ALDEN, Hannah  28 Nov 1754Middleborough, Plymouth County, Massachusetts I93683
4 ALDEN, Huldah  4 Dec 1754Middleborough, Plymouth County, Massachusetts I93682
5 ALDEN, Mary/Molly  22 Sep 1839Middleborough, Plymouth County, Massachusetts I93447
6 ALDEN, Mehitable  11 Apr 1739Middleborough, Plymouth County, Massachusetts I01651
7 ALDEN, Peter  22 Nob 1754Middleborough, Plymouth County, Massachusetts I93688
8 ALDEN, Phebe  28 Nov 1754Middleborough, Plymouth County, Massachusetts I93689
9 ALDEN, Silas  23 Mar 1764Middleborough, Plymouth County, Massachusetts I93684
10 CRANE, Abiah  Abt 1812Middleborough, Plymouth County, Massachusetts I98108
11 EATON, Barnabas  Bef 14 Nov 1790Middleborough, Plymouth County, Massachusetts I20412
12 EATON, Elizabeth  5 May 1780Middleborough, Plymouth County, Massachusetts I98139
13 LEACH, Rhoda  5 Jul 1814Middleborough, Plymouth County, Massachusetts I93690
14 LEONARD, Phebe  3 Apr 1802Middleborough, Plymouth County, Massachusetts I35774
15 THOMAS, Daniel Vaughan  19 Dec 1811Middleborough, Plymouth County, Massachusetts I93461