Lists as being a widow



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Fact    Person ID 
1 ?, Alvera  1910Lists as being a widow I00127
2 ?, Mary  1930Lists as being a widow I00977
3 ?, Mary M.  1910Lists as being a widow I01007
4 ARTHUR, Jane  1851Lists as being a widow I63509
5 BORTOLI, Elena  1930Lists as being a widow I07031
6 BRUSH, Eunice Gertrude  1920Lists as being a widow I08649
7 CRAPO, Emma Jane  1880Lists as being a widow I13705
8 DRAKE, Roxie A.  1930Lists as being a widow I19809
9 GRISWOLD, Frank W.  1910Lists as being a widow I26297
10 GUNDERMAN, Nora  1910Lists as being a widow I26580
11 HOLBERT, William B.  1920Lists as being a widow I29113
12 JOHNSON, Mary Elizabeth  1910Lists as being a widow I86510
13 LILLIE, Edith Bertha  1930Lists as being a widow I35922
14 MCCULLOCH, Anna V.  1920Lists as being a widow I38306
15 REED, Amelia  1920Lists as being a widow I46073
16 RYDER, Austin Grey  1930Lists as being a widow I47775
17 RYDER, Harriet  1900Lists as being a widow I85581
18 SILLIMAN, Margaret O.  1930Lists as being a widow I49842
19 SLATER, Albert W.  1910Lists as being a widow I50265
20 SLAUSON, Addie  1920Lists as being a widow I50287
21 SLAUSON, Julia Augusta  1900Lists as being a widow I50634
22 SLAWSON, Augustus Fillmore  1920Lists as being a widow I50924
23 SLAWSON, Frank Ebenezer  1900Lists as being a widow I66869
24 SLAWSON, Helen Martha  1910Lists as being a widow I51515
25 SLOSSON, Anson H.  1930Lists as being a widow I52528
26 STEPHENS, Lucy  1930Lists as being a widow I72897
27 TILTON, Emma J.  1930Lists as being a widow I57048
28 TILTON, Jennie Cushman  1910Lists as being a widow I57056
29 TOTTEN, Minnie  1920Lists as being a widow I57336
30 WILLIS, Eliza  1860Lists as being a widow I62006
31 WILLIS, Sarah Ann  1910Lists as being a widow I62101