Jackson County, Michigan



Latitude: 42.1764362, Longitude: -84.3542049


Matches 1 to 25 of 25

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BLISS SMITH, Elenore Kathryn  1939Jackson County, Michigan I53286
2 BROWN, Grace Mildred  19 Nov 1879Jackson County, Michigan I78887
3 CALER, Dallas I.   I99571
4 CALER, Lorraine L.   I99569
5 DEAN, Anna May  8 Jul 1870Jackson County, Michigan I99633
6 GODFREY, Alfred L.  26 Jul 1858Jackson County, Michigan I78701
7 GODFREY, Arthur L.  26 Sep 1854Jackson County, Michigan I78697
8 GODFREY, Byron C.  11 Dec 1854Jackson County, Michigan I78689
9 GODFREY, Charles H.  12 Oct 1845Jackson County, Michigan I78685
10 GODFREY, Clark Porter  1849Jackson County, Michigan I78687
11 GODFREY, Frank B.  2 Feb 1853Jackson County, Michigan I78688
12 GODFREY, Harrison W.  3 Mar 1847Jackson County, Michigan I78686
13 GODFREY, Hattie  6 Feb 1874Jackson County, Michigan I78777
14 GODFREY, Mattie N.  9 May 1867Jackson County, Michigan I78768
15 GODFREY, May N.  2 Sep 1871Jackson County, Michigan I78770
16 GODFREY, Victor Fremont  15 Sep 1856Jackson County, Michigan I78690
17 GOUDIE, William W.   I78833
18 HAMMER, Christina M.  12 Oct 1870Jackson County, Michigan I99590
19 HOLTON, Walter LeRoy  21 Jan 1894Jackson County, Michigan I97490
20 HULETT, Cora Elizabeth  5 May 1858Jackson County, Michigan I78815
21 LOCKWOOD, Louis Howard  Abt 1893Jackson County, Michigan I78837
22 RIPLEY, Doris Elaine  3 Jan 1926Jackson County, Michigan I99643
23 RIPLEY, Harold C.  3 Jan 1902Jackson County, Michigan I99636
24 RIPLEY, Male  10 Feb 1873Jackson County, Michigan I99587
25 THULIN, Bengt Arthur  31 Aug 1925Jackson County, Michigan I97493


Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BLACKMER, Ethel M.  8 Jan 1949Jackson County, Michigan I78825
2 BLISS SMITH, Elenore Kathryn  2007Jackson County, Michigan I53286
3 GODFREY, Alfred L.  10 Oct 1859Jackson County, Michigan I78701
4 GODFREY, Alonzo  30 Sep 1855Jackson County, Michigan I78614
5 GODFREY, Amos Holmes  23 Oct 1901Jackson County, Michigan I78619
6 GODFREY, Edith  12 Jan 1901Jackson County, Michigan I78754
7 GODFREY, Elijah  9 Nov 1862Jackson County, Michigan I25424
8 GODFREY, Lucinda  18 Feb 1899Jackson County, Michigan I78621
9 LYMAN, Mary Bissell  13 Nov 1861Jackson County, Michigan I78693
10 SLAWSON, Catharine  30 Sep 1870Jackson County, Michigan I50976