Male 1629 - 1717  (~ 87 years)

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Generation: 1

  1. 1.  Joshua HOBART was born , England; was christened 12 Jul 1629, Southwold, Suffolk, England (son of Rev. Peter HOBART and Elizabeth IBROOK); died 22/28 Feb 1716/7, Southold, Long Island.

    Joshua married Margaret VASSALL 16/25 Apr 1656, St. Michael Parish, Barbados, British West Indies. Margaret (daughter of William VASSELL and Anne KINGE) was born Abt 1633; died Bef 18 Jul 1657. [Group Sheet]

    Joshua married Mary SUNDERLAND 16 Jan 1671/2, Boston, Massachusetts. Mary was born Abt 1642, Boston, Massachusetts; died 19 Apr 1698. [Group Sheet]

Generation: 2

  1. 2.  Rev. Peter HOBART was christened 8/13 Oct 1604, Hingham, Norfolk, England (son of Edmond HOBART and Margaret DEWEY); died 20 Jan 1678/9, Hingham, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts.


    "I with my wife and four children came safely to New England June ye 8; 1635 for ever praysed be the god of Heaven my god and king." Arrived at Charlestown, Massachusetts, age 31, with pregnant wife and four children aged one to seven; removed to Hingham, Massachusetts by the following September, joining his father and brothers, who had arrived in New England in 1633.

    Peter Hobart is the son of EDMOND HOBART, and first wife MARGARET DEWEY. Borther of EDMUND HOBART, THOMAS HOBART, ALICE HOBART wife of THOMAS CHUBBUCK, and JOSHUA HOBART. Name also spelled Hobert, Hubbard, Hubbert.

    Admitted Freeman 2 Sept. 1635.

    Involved in the great controversy of 1645 that began when the local train band elected Bozoun Allen as their lieutenant replacing Anthony Eames. After a number of scuffles between Eames and Allen's followers (including Peter Hobart's bothers Edmund, Joshua, and Thomas), Eames complained to the magistrates in Boston. A warrant was issued for the three Hobart brothers and others who were deemed the leaders of the coup, bringing Rev. Peter to Boston "using such high words that the Magistrates told him that only their respect for his Ministry saved him from being committed." The disagreement touched on a sore point between the Boston magistrates and church authorities and the local town leaders who insisted they could choose their own officers. The men were required to give bond against appearance at court. Deputy Governor John Winthrop tried to make them see the error of their ways, but eventually arrested them a few weeks later for refusing to give the bond.

    Eighty-one Hingham men, with Peter Hobart's name as the first, presented a petition to the General Court asking it to hear the case. the proceedings took seven weeks and included accusations against Winthrop for false imprisonment. Winthrop spoke in his own defense at the court, but the magistrates and deputies were split between those who agreed that the magistrates exercised too much power, endangering the people's liberty, and those who felt authority was being flaunted and would bring down the colony. The matter went back and forth between the magistrates and the deputies, at one point talk of arbitration fro the elders entered the picture, but eventually the political factions agreed to censure everyone and levy some modest fines. Rev. Hobart was fined, L2, apparently for being "y first subscribed ye peticon." However, when the marshal went to Hingham to collect the fines, he was resisted, and what he did collect was "rescued" from him. Pastor Hobart was called back to court and accused of "seditious practice and a derogation and contempt of authority" in encouraging the resistance, Hobart asked for a trial by jury, which found that e "seemed to be ill-affected toward this government, and that his speeches tended to sedition and contempt..." The court fined him L20 and ordered him to give bond against his "good behavior" until the next court. "It is said that at this sentence his spirit rose; he would like to know what the "good behavior" was..."


    Minister of the Gospel for fifty-two years (eight in England and forty-four in New England.)


    Educated at the local grammar school and at the free school at Lyn, where he prepared for the University of Cambridge. he received his B.A. at Magdalen College in 1625, then taught grammar school until returning to college and earned his M.A. in 1629. five of his sons graduated fro Harvard College and four became ministers.

    Peter married Elizabeth IBROOK 12 Oct 1628, Covehithe, Suffolk, England. Elizabeth was christened 31 Aug 1608, Southwold, Suffolk, England; died Dec 1645. [Group Sheet]

  2. 3.  Elizabeth IBROOK was christened 31 Aug 1608, Southwold, Suffolk, England; died Dec 1645.

    Other Events:

    • Fact: Daughter of Richard and Margaret Ibrook

    1. 1. Joshua HOBART was born , England; was christened 12 Jul 1629, Southwold, Suffolk, England; died 22/28 Feb 1716/7, Southold, Long Island.
    2. Jeremiah HOBART was born 6 Apr 1631, Hingham, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts; was christened 18 Apr 1631, Hingham, Massachusetts; died 6 Nov 1715, Haddam, Connecticut.
    3. Elizabeth HOBART was born Abt 1632, England; died 26 Mar 1692, Hingham, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts.
    4. Capt. Josiah HOBART was born Abt 1634, Hingham, England; died 15 Jan 1712, East Hampton, Long Island.
    5. Ichabod HOBART was born 3 Oct 1635, Charlestown, Massachusetts; died Jul 1636, Hingham, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts.
    6. Hannah HOBART was born 30 Apr 1637; was christened 7 May 1637; died 19 May 1637.
    7. Hannah HOBART was born 5 May 1638, Hingham, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts; was christened 13 May 1638; died 11 Sep 1691, Bristol, Mass. (now Rhode Island).
    8. Bathsheba/Bathshua HOBART was born 28 Sep 1640; was christened 4 Oct 1641; died 14 Apr 1742, Scituate, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts.
    9. Israel HOBART was born 29 Jun 1642, Hingham, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts; died 3 Jul 1731, Hingham, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts.
    10. Jael HOBART was born 28 Dec 1643; was christened 30 Dec 1643; died 14/16/18 Apr 1730, Kingston, Massachusetts.
    11. Gershom HOBART was born Dec 1645; died 18/19 Dec 1707, Groton, Massachusetts.

Generation: 3

  1. 4.  Edmond HOBART

    Edmond — Margaret DEWEY. [Group Sheet]

  2. 5.  Margaret DEWEY
    1. Alice HOBART
    2. 2. Rev. Peter HOBART was christened 8/13 Oct 1604, Hingham, Norfolk, England; died 20 Jan 1678/9, Hingham, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts.