Deacon John WHITING

Male 1722 - 1786  (64 years)

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Generation: 1

  1. 1.  Deacon John WHITING was born 1 May 1721/2 (son of Col. Joseph WHITING and Hannah TROWBRIDGE); died 21 Jun 1786.


    "A virtuous and worthy character." (Ezra Stiles's Diary, 3, p. 227)

    He graduated from Yale in 1740; served as tutor there for four years, became clerk of the Probate Court and afterwards Judge of that Court; represented New Haven in the General Assembly for nine sessions and later was a Judge of the County Court. For the last thirty years of his life he was Deacon in the First church. His epitaph truly states that "the last & much the Greater part of his life was Spent in the Service & to the acceptance of the Publick." (N.E. Col.Soc. Papers, 3, p. 607.)

    "John Whiting, Esq., Clerk of the Courts was also a resident of this neighborhood. He was asked, previous to the possession of the town by the enemy, whether he would not make his escape. His reply was that he had not borne arms, that he was loyal to the king, and pointing to an engraving of King George, which hung on the wall of the room, he added: 'This will protect me.' but when the soldiers came into the house, they did not respect his claim of loyalty. He was holding an office under the "Rebel Government" and moreover was a Deacon in the First church, and they treated him much as the English Cavaliers would treat a Roundhead. He was carried off as a prisoner and so summarily, it is said, that he had not time to put on his wig." (New Haven Colony Historical Society Papers, 2, p. 75.)

    His father being one of the Governor's Assistants and Judge of the Superior Court in 1740, he was placed at the head of his class at Yale in family rank. During the year 1741/2, he was Rector of the Hopkins Grammar School.

    John married Sarah INGERSOLL 7 Nov 1751. Sarah (daughter of Jonathan INGERSOLL and Sarah NEWTON) was born 22 Oct 1726; died 24 Jul 1769. [Group Sheet]

    John married Sarah TROWBRIDGE 24 May 1770. Sarah died Apr 1795. [Group Sheet]

Generation: 2

  1. 2.  Col. Joseph WHITING was born 1680 (son of Rev John WHITING and Phebe GREGSON); died 4 Apr 1748.


    He settled in New Haven and was a member of the General Court at the May sessions of 1716, 1722 and 1724 (Col. rec. of Conn, 1706-1716, p. 546; Ibid., 1717-1725, pp. 304, 439.) Clerk of the House at he May sessions of 1716 and 1722; elected to the Upper Chamber where he continued for 21 years from October 1725 to October 1745, inclusive. He was for many years Judge of the Probate and a Judge of the Superior Court. Both he and his wife left large estates and Whiting Street, New Haven, derives its name from them. His gravestone in the center Church Crypt, New Haven is inscribed as follows:

    Lyes Interr'd
    the body of
    of New Haven Esq
    who died April 4th
    1748 Aged 67 Years

    Joseph married Hannah TROWBRIDGE 30 Jan 1709/10. Hannah (daughter of Lieut. Thomas TROWBRIDGE and Hannah NASH) was born 30 Mar 1690; died 9 Aug 1748. [Group Sheet]

  2. 3.  Hannah TROWBRIDGE was born 30 Mar 1690 (daughter of Lieut. Thomas TROWBRIDGE and Hannah NASH); died 9 Aug 1748.
    1. Hannah WHITING was born 21 Feb 1719/20; died 03 Dec 1786.
    2. Mary WHITING was born 5 Feb 1714/15; died 30 Apr 1748.
    3. Elizabeth WHITING was born 8 Jun 1717; died 17 Oct 1751.
    4. Phebe WHITING was born 23 Oct 1720; died 23 Dec 1751.
    5. 1. Deacon John WHITING was born 1 May 1721/2; died 21 Jun 1786.
    6. Sarah WHITING was born 15 Apr 1725; died 1 Aug 1751.
    7. Joseph WHITING was born 28 Jan 1727; died , young.
    8. Elisha WHITING was born 29 Jul 1729; died 11 Mar 1766.

Generation: 3

  1. 4.  Rev John WHITING was born 1633 (son of William WHITING and Susannah ?); died 8 Sep 1689.


    He graduated from Harvard in 1653; preached several years at Salem, Mass., and was there in1659, March 8, when the selectmen, with the deacons and Mr. Gedney, all desired "to treat with Mr. Whittinge to know his mind about staying with them." (Salem town records.) He removed with his family from "The Bay" to Hartford, and was ordained pastor over he First Church in 1660, being associated with Rec. Samuel Stone. In 1669, in consequence of dissensions which agitated the church at that time, he and others petitioned the Assembly "for their approbation for a distance walking in Congregational Church order," which was approved and in 1670, a new Church was formed, of which he was chosen pastor and so continued until his death. In King Philip's War he was chaplain. He was twice married; (1) about 1654 to Sybil Collins, dau. of Deacon Edward Collins of Cambridge, mass., by whom he had seven children, one of whom, Col. William, was a distinguished military officer who fought in all the French and Indian Wars of his time, and who m. Oct. 6, 1686, Mary, dau. of Col. John Allyn, grand-daughter of Matthew Allyn, and great-grand-daughter of Hon. Wm. Pynchon. T

    John married Phebe GREGSON 1673. Phebe was born 1643; died 19 Sep 1730, At the home of her son Joseph, at New Haven, Conn.. [Group Sheet]

  2. 5.  Phebe GREGSON was born 1643; died 19 Sep 1730, At the home of her son Joseph, at New Haven, Conn..

    Other Events:

    • Fact: Dau. of Thomas and Jane Gregson

    1. Thomas WHITING was born 1674; died , young.
    2. Mary WHITING was born 1676; died , young.
    3. Elizabeth WHITING was born 1678; died Aft 1753.
    4. 2. Col. Joseph WHITING was born 1680; died 4 Apr 1748.
    5. Nathaniel WHITING was born 1683; died , young.
    6. Thomas WHITING was born 1686; died , young.
    7. John WHITING was born 1688; died Feb 1715.

  3. 6.  Lieut. Thomas TROWBRIDGE was christened 11 Dec 1631, St. Petrock, Exeter, England (son of Thomas TROWBRIDGE and Elizabeth MARSHALL); died 22 Aug 1702.

    Thomas — Hannah NASH. Hannah (daughter of Major John NASH and Elizabeth TAPP) was born 24 Jul 1655; died 3 Feb 1708. [Group Sheet]

  4. 7.  Hannah NASH was born 24 Jul 1655 (daughter of Major John NASH and Elizabeth TAPP); died 3 Feb 1708.

    Other Events:

    • Fact: Daughter of Major John Nash and Elizabeth Tapp

    1. 3. Hannah TROWBRIDGE was born 30 Mar 1690; died 9 Aug 1748.

Generation: 4

  1. 8.  William WHITING died prob in Aug 1647.


    Died probably in August 1647, between July 24 and Sept 2; inventory of estate, L2854.

    His name first appears on the records May 1st, 1637. (Col. Rec. of Conn., 1636-1665, p. 9.) He, with Lords Saye and Sele and Brooke and Mr. George Wyllys bought out the Bristol men in Piscataqua and he retained his interest in these lands until his death. He was a proprietor of Hartford and was one of the most respectable and wealthy of the founders of that place. His home lot in 1639 was on the east side of what is now Governor Street. He was one of the most efficient promoters of the trade and commerce of Hartford, being a partner of Governor Hopkins in the exportation of corn and other grain and having a trading house on the Delaware and one at Westfield, Mass. In 1638, he was granted the right to trade with the Indians at Hartford and in 1647, he, with others, was granted the exclusive right to take whales. He was Representative, 1637 and one of the Committee which that year for the first time sat with the House of Magistrates. Freeman, Feb. 1641; Treasurer of the colony and Assistant in 1641, which offices he held until his death. In Jan., 1647, he with Governor Hopkins, was chosen a Commissioner for the United Colonies of New England. (Co. Rec. of Conn., 1, p. 147.) Savage says he bore the title of Major in 1647 and he with Major Mason and others was appointed to erect fortifications in 1642 He was a man of wealth and education; styled in the records: "William Whiting, Gentleman", and classed by Trumbull as "one of the twelve civil and religious fathers of Connecticut." Several letters written which are a variation of those of the family of Whiting of Boston in Lincolnshire.

    William — Susannah ?. Susannah died 8 Jul 1673, Middletown, Connecticut. [Group Sheet]

  2. 9.  Susannah ? died 8 Jul 1673, Middletown, Connecticut.
    1. 4. Rev John WHITING was born 1633; died 8 Sep 1689.

  3. 12.  Thomas TROWBRIDGE was born Abt 1600 (son of John TROWBRIDGE and Agnes PROWSE); was buried 7 Feb 1672, St. Mary Magdalen Church, Taunton, Somerset.


    Thomas Trowbridge was named in his father John's nuncupative will 1 July 1649 as "eldest son" when he moved from Taunton to Exeter, where he was fined for freeman L12. On 20 Dec. 1624, according to registers of St. Mary Arches, he m. Elizabeth Marshall. In his own parish of St. Petrocks were b. to him: 6 Mar 1627, Elizabeth;
    5 Nov. 1629, John;
    11 Dec. 1631, Thomas;
    and Sept. 1633, William.

    The child Eliz. d.y. & john, the s. & h. remained in England, d. 1653; local will, naming John Manning of New England, merchant, William Davis of Muskeeta, Newfoundland, implied that he had sailed the sea with father. sons Thomas (Jr.) and William emigrated with parents to Dorchester, Mass., were James Trowbridge was born; they moved to New Haven, where Elizabeth the mother died. three children remained to have large families. Thomas Sr. returned to Exeter to remarry, by license, widow Frances Shattuck 10 Feb. 1640 in St. David's church. She, his cousin, was dau of Dorothy Trowbridge, dau. of Thos. Trowbridge (sr.) of Taunton. Thomas, Jr. paid L4 subsidy at West Munction, nr. Taunton. by 1643 they were back inNew Haven, a family of 5, rated at L500. When Taunton, under colonel, later admiral Robert Blake, was besieged by the royalists, Thomas, served as captain in Cromwell's army, 1645. Later, he supported a wounded soldier's pension claim at Taunton Court of Sessions. He gave his New England sons power of attorney for property there 14 Jan. 1664. He and they traded to the Azores from both sides of the Atlantic. He was buried at St. Mary Magdalen Church, Taunton Somerset, 7 Feb 1672.

    Elizabeth, first wife of Thomas Trowbridge, and other of his children, was bapt. at St. Mary Arches Church, Exeter, 24 Mar. 1602 of a family of centre of commercial and civic power in the cathedral city. This was amply set forth in 1905 in an article by Emory McClintock, "Thomas Trowbridge and Elizabeth," NEHG 59 (1905): 291-297. Elizabeth's father, the Alderman John Marshall, Mayor in 1615, was d. by the dau.'s marriage. Her mother Alice was the second dau. of the name, bapt. at St. Kerrians church, Exeter, 7 June 1572, and marshall's bride 30 Aug 1695 at St. Mary Arches. Alice, bur. there 13 Jan. 1630/1, left her favourite dau. Mrs. Elizabeth Trowbridge, L50 and L10 piece of place. Alice's father was Richard Beavis, who d. in office as Mayor of Exeter 26 Aug. 1603. He had m. (1) Elizabeth Price, from the Welsh "Ap Rhys." mother of Alice marshall, and (2) Jane Huish, dau. of Henry Huish of Sands.

    He had been engaged as mercer in Exeter in 1632, and appears to have come to New England in 1636. He had been on voyages to and from the Barbadoes. It may be that he did not intend to settle permanently in New England for he left his oldest son in England under the care of his father in Taunton. He brought his wife and two youngest sons and first settled at Dorchester, Mass. By 1639, he had removed to New Haven. He and his wife are noted in the records of the town and church as "Mr. and Mrs.', a distinction that at that time was conferred only on persons of established gentility. In 1643, in the census, his estate is given as 500 pounds; a large sum for that time and place. (N.E. Reg., 59, p. 292). Soon after this, he returned to England, leaving his boys and property in the care of his steward, Henry Gibbons, from whom, after more than twenty years, it was not easy to obtain an accounting. (Savage 4, p. 333.) He never came back. After his return to England, he issued Jan. 19, 1663-4 a power-of-attorney, to his sons in New Haven. He was a merchant, having dealings with the West Indies and a man of Prominence in Taunton.

    Thomas married Elizabeth MARSHALL 20 Dec 1624, St. Mary Arches. Elizabeth was christened 24 Mar 1602, St. Mary Arches Church, Exeter; died poss. 1641, New Haven, Connecticut. [Group Sheet]

  4. 13.  Elizabeth MARSHALL was christened 24 Mar 1602, St. Mary Arches Church, Exeter; died poss. 1641, New Haven, Connecticut.
    1. Elizabeth TROWBRIDGE was christened 6 Mar 1627/8, St. Petrock, Exeter, England; died , young; was buried 10 May 1630.
    2. John TROWBRIDGE was christened 5 Nov 1629, St. Petrock, Exeter, England; died 1653, England; was buried 16 Feb 1653/4, Taunton, England.
    3. 6. Lieut. Thomas TROWBRIDGE was christened 11 Dec 1631, St. Petrock, Exeter, England; died 22 Aug 1702.
    4. William TROWBRIDGE was christened 3 Sep 1633, St. Petrock, Exeter, England; died Nov 1690, New Haven, New Haven, Connecticut, USA.
    5. James TROWBRIDGE was born 1636, Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts; was christened 1638; died 22 May 1717, Newton, Middlesex County, Massachusetts.

  5. 14.  Major John NASH was born 1615 (son of Thomas NASH and Margery BAKER); died 3 Jul 1678.


    Though bred to his father's trade of gunsmith, he seems not to have practised it during his later years for the inventory of his estate contained nothing relating to it. He was greatly esteemed and much employed in public affairs, civic and military, often against his inclinations, and rose gradually to the highest military rank. He must have been nearly of adult age when his father came to New haven, for he was admitted Freeman, April 6, 1642 and chosen Corporal, Sept. 6th of the same year, July, 1644, he was chosen Sergeant and on June 7th, 1652, he was made Lieutenant and given charge of the military affairs of the town. In January, 1647, he was chosen a collector for Harvard College. He was chosen Deputy to the "Town Court" in 1653 and "Town Treasurer," the following year; Deputy to the Jurisdiction Court, 1659 and held the office many years. In 1661, he desired to be excused because "that the occasions of his Family did not admit of his accepting," but in spite of this address, he was chosen again. In 1665, he was appointed one of the Commissioners for New Haven. In 1665, he and five others were appointed b the General Court to superintend preparations for the defense of the coast between Stratford and Guilford, and during the Narragansett difficulties he was the chief military officer of New Haven. After the Union was formed with Connecticut in 1665, the Secretary sent to New Haven a requisition "to choose one or two of her ablest men to attend the General Assembly," and he and James Bishop were chosen. In May 1672, he was elected Assistant or Senator, to which office he was annually elected until his death. He also served as Townsman and recorder, holding the latter office at his death. He was chosen Captain in 1664 and in 1683, Sergt. Major for the County of New Haven.


    There is no record of the marriage of John Nash, but in his will he makes allusion to a legacy left to his daughters by their grandfather TAPP, and in the will of the wife of Edmund Tapp. Elizabeth is mentioned as the wife of John Nash.

    John — Elizabeth TAPP. Elizabeth (daughter of Edmund TAPP and Ann ?) died 1 May 1676. [Group Sheet]

  6. 15.  Elizabeth TAPP (daughter of Edmund TAPP and Ann ?); died 1 May 1676.
    1. Elizabeth NASH was christened 3 Jan 1647; died 3 Sep 1687.
    2. Sarah NASH was christened 29 Jul 1649; died 27 May 1716.
    3. Mary NASH was born 13 Dec 1652.
    4. 7. Hannah NASH was born 24 Jul 1655; died 3 Feb 1708.