Capt Thomas ALLYN

Male Abt 1635 - 1696  (~ 61 years)

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Generation: 1

  1. 1.  Capt Thomas ALLYN was born Abt 1635 (son of Matthew ALLYN and Margaret WYOTT); died 14 Feb 1695/6.


    He was Captain in the militia and esteemed in the service. He and his father were early settlers at Windsor, and at the time of his marriage his father gave him a house and lands there. On October 2, 1651, when he was perhaps sixteen or seventeen years old, he accidentally shot and killed Henry Stiles of Windsor, a brother of Francis Stiles. For his part in this misadventure, he was fined L20 and placed under bond for one year. Three years later, Lydia Gilbert, who was probably connected in some way with the family of Thomas Gilbert, with whom Stiles boarded, was accused of having caused the death of Stiles by witchcraft. She was convicted and condemned to be hung. He was one of the "Troopers" from Windsor in 1658, and was made a Freeman that same year; was confirmed Lieutenant of the Windsor Train Band at the October session of 1681, and Captain of the same at the May session of 1690. He left a large estate of L174,13.09, comprising 15 different parcels of land aggregating over 1200 acres. He left place, cups and spoons appraised at L5,11s. and books valued at L8,12s. to his daughters. He also had a one-third interest in a mill property.

    Thomas married Abigail WARHAM 21 Oct 1658. Abigail (daughter of Rev John WARHAM and Jane DABINOTT) was christened 27 May 1638; died Bef 14 Feb 1695/6. [Group Sheet]

    1. John ALLYN was born 17 Aug 1659; died , young.
    2. Matthew ALLYN was born 5 Jan 1660/1; died 17 Feb 1758.
    3. Thomas ALLYN was born 11 Mar 1663; died 6 Apr 1709.
    4. John ALLYN was born 24 Jun 1665; died 1707.
    5. Samuel ALLYN was born 3 Nov 1667.
    6. Jane ALLYN was born 22 Jul 1670; died 11 Apr 1702.
    7. Abigail ALLYN was born 17 Oct 1672; died 21 Jun 1754.
    8. Sarah ALLYN was born 13 Jul 1674; died 28 Dec 1740.
    9. Esther/Hester ALLYN was born 29 Jan 1676/7; died 4 Oct 1750.
    10. Benjamin ALLYN was born 1680; died 13 Dec 1712.

Generation: 2

  1. 2.  Matthew ALLYN was christened 17 Apr 1605; died 7 Feb 1670/1.

    Other Events:

    • Fact: Son of Richard Allyn and Margaret Wyott of Braunton, Devon England.


    He emigrated with the original Braintree company in 1632 to Cambridge, Mass., where he had given him the next year, 45 rods of the "Comon Plaes." (Gov. Haynes had 70 and John Benjamin 50 rods, granted them.) In 1635, he owned five houses on the town plot of Cambridge. In May, 1638, he was lodged with Roger Williams' at Providence. (Mass. Hist. Coll., fourth series, 6, pp. 244, 247.) He was made Freeman, March 4, 1634/5 and Representative, march, 1635/6. It is thought he removed to Hartford in 1637,--at any rate he was an original proprietor there and owned the first mill in Hartford. His house lot was on the road to the "Neck," now Windsor Street and he owned over 180 acres in that and nine other lots. He was excommunicated by the Church in Hartford and June 3, 1644, he appealed to the General Court for redress. The records do not show how the affair was settled, but it may have been the cause of his removal to Windsor. Nevertheless, few men in the colony had more influence or received more honors than he. He was Deputy fro Windsor from May, 1648, to March, 1652 inclusive, excepting the sessions of May 21, 1650, Feb 5, 1651 and Oct 6, 1651, and from Sept. 1654 to March, 1657/8, excepting the session of May 21, 1657. Assistant from May, 1658 to October, 1667 inclusive; Commissioner for the United Colonies 1660 and 1664, and frequently appointed upon important committees by the General Court. He was named in the Charter of 1662. "He was eminently a man of affairs and and active and public spirited citizen," but the Court Records indicate that he was of a litigious spirit. In May, 1660, "Mr. Mathew Allyn is chosen Moderator to supply the place of ye Governor and Dep: in case of their occasional absenc from ye Gen: Court." He also served as Moderator at the sessions of August 28, 1661, May 15, 1662 and July 22, 1662.

    Matthew married Margaret WYOTT 2 Feb 1626/7. Margaret was born , England; died 12 Sep 1675. [Group Sheet]

  2. 3.  Margaret WYOTT was born , England; died 12 Sep 1675.

    Other Events:

    • Fact: Dau. of John Wyott and Frances Chichester of Braunton, Devon, England

    1. John ALLYN was born , England; was christened 24 Feb 1630; died 6 Nov 1696.
    2. 1. Capt Thomas ALLYN was born Abt 1635; died 14 Feb 1695/6.
    3. Mary ALLYN died 29 Jul 1689.