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Generation: 1

  1. 1.  James MCCREEDY was born 24 Apr 1785; was christened 16 May 1785 (son of James MCCREEDY and Elizabeth HOFFMAN).


    In 1810 James McReady was in town of Plattsburgh, Clinton Co., NY at 0-0-0-1-0 and 1-0-1-0-0 next to John McCready. In July 1822 at James McCready of town of Victory, Cayuga Co., NY, provided ages of the children of Philip Spickerman, late dec'd of Victory in guardianship proceedings. George McCready was involved with one of the children.

Generation: 2

  1. 2.  James MCCREEDY was born 3 Apr 1753 (son of James MCCREAEY and Unknown); died 26 Aug 1818, Plattsburgh, Clinton Co., New York; was buried , Riverside Cemetery, Plattsburgh, Clinton Co., New York.


    James McCready, was born ca. 1754/5, as determined by a muster roll of Dutchess County Minute men. James McCreedy of Rombout, residing in Oswego, (Beekman Patent), married Elizabeth Hoffman after third publication of the bans, first published 14 Feb. 1779. She was almost certainly the dau. of Michael and Marytje (Lewis) Hoffman although not noted in her father's will 18 May 1792. James McCready served in Capt. Israel Vail's Company, (a Beekman company). James McCreedy Jr. enlisted 1 Aug. 177 in Capt. Cornelius Van Wyck's company of Minute Men. he was age 21, born in Cutchess Co., a farmer, of Capt Reynold's Co. He was 6' tall with a fresh complexion, blue eyes and black hair. He removed to town of Saratoga, Albany, then Saratoga County, by 1790 and was on the census there at 2-3-1. he was in town of Northumberland, Saratoga Co., in 1800 at 3-3-1-0-1 and 0-0-0-0-1 between Joseph Palmer and John Schoone.

    James McCreedy of Saratoga Co., NY wrote his will 5 April 1806; proved 3 January 1820 in Clinton Co., NY. He named wife Elizabeth; sons: John, the eldest, Gamaliel, second son, third son James, fourth son Jeremiah, fifth son George, sixth son William and seventh son Charles. the entire estate was to remain with the widow while she lived and then to go to all sons equally. He named two oldest sons executors.

    E-mail from Dorie Sweeney dtd 10-8-2013:

    James McCreedy was in the army of Gen. Gates in the Revolutionary War, at the battle of Saratoga. His father and grandfather were also in the war. He died in 1818 of complications of a leg amputation, the result of a kick by a horse. He was on his way to visit fiends in Saratoga Co.

    James married Elizabeth HOFFMAN 14 Feb 1779, Reformed Dutch Church, New Hackensack, Dutchess Co., New York. Elizabeth was born Dec 1756; died 30 May 1826, Plattsburgh, Clinton Co., New York; was buried , Riverside Cemetery, Plattsburgh, Clinton Co., New York. [Group Sheet]

  2. 3.  Elizabeth HOFFMAN was born Dec 1756; died 30 May 1826, Plattsburgh, Clinton Co., New York; was buried , Riverside Cemetery, Plattsburgh, Clinton Co., New York.
    1. John MCCREEDY was born 11 Jun 1779, New York; died Aft 1850.
    2. Gamaliel MCCREEDY was born 28 Jun 1781, Fishkill, New York; died 6 Apr 1859, Beekmantown, New York; was buried , East Beekmantown Cemetery, Beekmantown, Clinton Co., New York.
    3. 1. James MCCREEDY was born 24 Apr 1785; was christened 16 May 1785.
    4. Jeremiah MCCREEDY
    5. George MCCREEDY
    6. William Hoffman MCCREEDY was born 3 May 1792, New York; died 23 May 1881, Saratoga County, New York; was buried , Schuylerville North Broad Cemetery, Schuylerville, Saratoga Co., New York .
    7. Charles MCCREEDY

Generation: 3

  1. 4.  James MCCREAEY was born Bef 1720 (son of Charles MCCRADY and Unknown); died bet. 1790-1800.


    James McCready was probably born before 1720 and was included on a list of men who had settled on the Philipse Upper Patent ca. 1740, per statement of Timothy Shaw dated March 1767. He was taxed in South Precinct from June 1743 to "farm" 1755 and farm was on list until Feb. 1759.

    James McCready probably left Philipse Upper Patent and was noted on a road dedication in Rombout Precinct 11 Sept. 1769. The road began at James McCreddy's(sic) door, at a place called Shanandore...thence about due south along a footpath, across a brook into the inclosed lands now in possession of Epraim Bartlett, (etc). He later moved into the Beekman Precinct where he was taxed 1770-1773 'on the Way place". James McCready Sr. and Jr. were witnesses in a trail held in the court of Common Pleas in DC 14 Oct. 1784. Joshua Fine was suing Nathan Hyat and the McCreedys were plaintiff's witnesses for Fine.

    James McCready Sr. was inSaratoga Town, Albany Co., NY in 1790 at 2-0-4 and James McCready Jr. was in the same town. McCready Sr. apparently died between 1790 and 1800.

    (There is no proof that Charled McCrady was son of James)

    James — Unknown. [Group Sheet]

  2. 5.  Unknown
    1. 2. James MCCREEDY was born 3 Apr 1753; died 26 Aug 1818, Plattsburgh, Clinton Co., New York; was buried , Riverside Cemetery, Plattsburgh, Clinton Co., New York.
    2. Charles MCCREEDY was born Abt 1745; died 28 Mar 1813; was buried , Riverside Cemetery, Plattsburgh, Clinton Co., New York.

Generation: 4

  1. 8.  Charles MCCRADY died Between 9 Oct 1754 and 30 Nov 1754.




    The earliest record we have found for this family is a Charles McCrady, yeoman of New Rochell, Westcheter Co., NY who wrote his will 9 Oct. 1754, proved 30 Nov. 1754. It is abstracted as follows: "In the name of God, Amen. I Charles McCrady, of New Rochelle, yeoman, being weak in body. "As to my burial, I desire it may be decent, at the discretion of my executors." I leave to my wife "this house wherein I now dwell, with all the furniture, and the land and tenements that lie round it, during her widowhood, and after she had done with it, then to my sons James and Charles, that is, if my executors think that my son Charles will be likely to make a good use of it. But if they think he will spend it, then my son Charles's eldest son is to have it." But if he should have no son, then my son James is to have it. I leave my daughter Ann L20, to be paid by whoever has the place. My executors are to sell a pair of oxen, 2 cows, six acres of wheat now on the ground, and 6 or 8 hogs, to pa debts. I leave to my wife the old grey mare and the fat cow and 11 hogs. To my dau. Molly a horse. To my grand-son Charles Correy, a young steer. to my son Charles all farming tackling, and my saddle and bridle. I make my wife and my son in law George Correy, and my friend, Joseph Haim, executors. Susannah and Sarah Hunt and Robert Graham witnessed the will.

    Note: Not sure which of his daughters married George Correy.

    Charles — Unknown. [Group Sheet]

  2. 9.  Unknown
    1. Charles MCCREEDY
    2. 4. James MCCREAEY was born Bef 1720; died bet. 1790-1800.
    3. Molly MCCREEDY
    4. Ann MCCREEDY