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Generation: 1

  1. 1.  William WILBORE was born 2 Mar 1694, Swansea, Bristol Co., Massachusetts (son of Daniel WILBORE and Ann BARNEY).

    William — Content ?. [Group Sheet]

    1. Phebe WILBOR was born 21 Jan 1724.
    2. Elisha WILBOR was born 3 Aug 1726, Swansea, Bristol Co., Massachusetts; died 1813, Somersett, Massachusetts.
    3. Elizabeth WILBOR was born 3 Aug 1726.
    4. Daniel WILBOR was born 15 Jan 1728; died 30 May 1807.

    William married Rebecca GRAY 14 Feb 1732. [Group Sheet]

    1. Joshua WILBOR was born 30 Dec 1733, Swansea, Bristol Co., Massachusetts.
    2. Caleb WILBOR was born 10 Nov 1735.
    3. Content WILBOR was born 12 Mar 1739.
    4. William WILBOR

Generation: 2

  1. 2.  Daniel WILBORE was born 1666, Little Compton, Rhode Island (son of William WILBORE and Martha HOLMES); died 28 Nov 1741, Swansea, Massachusetts.

    Other Events:

    • Fact: First Wilbore settler at Swansea, Massachusetts

    Daniel married Ann BARNEY 1692. Ann died 1741. [Group Sheet]

  2. 3.  Ann BARNEY died 1741.
    1. 1. William WILBORE was born 2 Mar 1694, Swansea, Bristol Co., Massachusetts.
    2. Peleg WILBORE was born 30 Aug 1695, Swansea, Bristol Co., Massachusetts.
    3. Daniel WILBORE was born 31 Mar 1697, Swansea, Bristol Co., Massachusetts; died 8 Jun 1759, Swansea, Rhode Island.
    4. Ann WILBORE was born 20 Oct 1698.
    5. Martha WILBORE was born 25 Sep 1700.
    6. Lydia WILBORE was born 30 Nov 1702, Swansea, Bristol Co., Massachusetts.
    7. Elizabeth WILBORE was born 14 Jun 1705.
    8. John WILBORE was born 19 Jul 1706; died , Young.
    9. Thomas WILBORE was born 22 Oct 1708, Swansea, Bristol Co., Massachusetts.
    10. Samuel WILBORE

Generation: 3

  1. 4.  William WILBORE was born 1630, Braintree, Essex, England (son of John WILBORE and Unknown); died 1710, Portsmouth, Newport County, Rhode Island.

    Other Events:

    • Name: William Wilbur or Wilbore
    • Birth: 1630
    • Death: 1710


    "The Wildbores In America": As we had proof that William Wilbore was related to the first Samuel of Boston but did not know how, we placed him with the sons of Samuel for convenience and put an explanation in the front of the book. But now the article foregoing on the English Wilbores' shows he was the son of John of Braintree England who was first cousin to Samuel Wilbore of Boston.

    The descendants of the family of Samuel Wilbore, the first of the name in America may be divided into two groups, namely, descendants of his son Shadrach Wilbore o Taunton, whose descendants are mainly in Massachusetts and William Wilbore, of Portsmouth, whose descendants settle mainly in Rhode Island and scattered throughout Connecticut and New York State before 1800.

    The Little Compton, R.I., branch are all descended from William of Portsmouth. To the present time it has not been possible to ascertain the exact parentage of William but we do know that he was a near relative of Samuel, Sr., being either a grandson or nephew, for Captain Samuel Wilbore, Jr., son of Samuel, in his will dated August 21, 1678, makes the following statement. "I do freely give and bequeath unto my cousin, William Wilbore senior 250 acres of land in the Narragansett Country to him and his heirs forever"

    Later on in the same will the following statement occurs: "I do will that my son-in-law Lieut. Latham Clarke and my cousin, William Wilbore, Sr., shall take care of my deeds in the Narragansett Country and see to recording them and to act with my partners as though I were personally present, in behalf of my executrix."

    The above clearly proves that although William was not Samuel's son, he was nearly related to him.

    "Cousin" at that time was sometimes used as we now use it and at other times it was used for niece or nephew and other relationships and simply meant kinsman or relative.....

    William Wilbore of Portsmouth was a weaver of cloth which helps to support my contention that the Wilbores were cloth merchants. It was he who paid the five and forty shilling for Shadrach Wilbore at the time of his imprisonment by Andros at Bristol. He seems to have been in better circumstances than Shadrach as is shown by the inventories.

    Practically all of William's life after his marriage was spent in Portsmouth, Rhode Island, as was that of Samuel, Jr., having settled there when Samuel, Sr., and his fellow Colonists settled the island of Aquidneck, now known as the Island of Rhode Island, in 1638.

    William Wilbore died in 1710 according to tradition at Tiverton. His will was made March 1, 1710, and proved August 15, 1710.....he gives as follows: "...To son John Wilbore's two children, John and Mary Records, 30 pounds; to son Daniel Wilbore all land in the first division, great neck in Swansea; to son Samuel 43 pounds which he owes me; to daughter Mary Mowrey money that she owes me and then to her children; to son Joseph Wilbore 100 pounds in money; to son John Wilbore 20 pounds in money; to son Benjamin Wilbore the money which is due me from Daniel Wilcox; to daughter Martha Sherman 10 pounds and to daugher Joan 10 pounds; to four sons, John, William, Joseph and Samuel, all my lands that I now have in the township of Little Compton equally divided between then..."


    He was called cousin several times in the will o Samuel Wilbore Jr., the son of Samuel Wilbore o Boston, who was born in Braintree, England, the son of Nicholas and Elizabeth Wilbore of Sible Heddingham, Essex County, England, and grandson of Nicholas and Ann Wilbore of Colchester, Essex County, England

    He first appeared in the legal records when his cousin Samuel of Boston transferred to him a piece of land in Portsmouth, 10 July 1654. He also owned land touching the land of Samuel Sr. and also of Samuel Jr. in Portsmouth, on the west road there near the coal mines. He lived on the farm which later became the Burrington Anthony farm, on the road that leads to the ferry, bound on the south by Freeborne Street.

    Besides owning land in Portsmouth, he bought much land in Little Compton and about 1690 four of his sons settled there--Samuel, William Jr., John and Joseph. He had two other sons, Daniel who settled in Swansea, and Benjamin who setled in Dartsmouth.

    Samuel owned what is now the Oliver H. Wilbor Place, Joseph settled on what was later the Isaac W. Howland place on the road south of the Commons, John Settled on the place later owned by Walter Bullock on the Long Highway, and son William owned what was afterwards the Ephraim Sisson place near the South Shore.

    William married Martha HOLMES 1653. Martha was born 13 May 1640, Newport, Newport County, Rhode Island; died 30 Dec 1711, Newport, Rhode Island; was buried , Newport, Rhode Island. [Group Sheet]

  2. 5.  Martha HOLMES was born 13 May 1640, Newport, Newport County, Rhode Island; died 30 Dec 1711, Newport, Rhode Island; was buried , Newport, Rhode Island.

    Other Events:

    • Name: Martha ?

    1. Mary WILBORE was born 1654; died 17 Apr 1720.
    2. Joseph WILBORE was born 1656, Portsmouth, Rhode Island; died 04 May 1729, Little Compton, Rhode Island; was buried , Wilbour Cemetery, Newport County, Rhode Island.
    3. John WILBORE was born 1658, Portsmouth, Rhode Island; died , Little Compton, Newport County, Rhode Island.
    4. Thomas WILBORE was born 1659.
    5. William WILBORE was born 25 Dec 1660, Little Compton, Newport, Rhode Island, USA; died 1738, Little Comtpon, Newport, Rhode Island .
    6. Martha WILBORE was born 1662.
    7. Samuel WILBORE was born 1664, Portsmouth, Rhode Island; died 1740, Little Compton, Rhode Island.
    8. 2. Daniel WILBORE was born 1666, Little Compton, Rhode Island; died 28 Nov 1741, Swansea, Massachusetts.
    9. Joanna WILBORE was born 1668, Portsmouth, Rhode Island; died 1759, Tiverton, Rhode Island.
    10. Benjamin WILBORE was born 1670; died 1729.

Generation: 4

  1. 8.  John WILBORE was born , Braintree, Essex, England.

    John — Unknown. [Group Sheet]

  2. 9.  Unknown
    1. 4. William WILBORE was born 1630, Braintree, Essex, England; died 1710, Portsmouth, Newport County, Rhode Island.