Male 1664 - 1711  (47 years)

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Generation: 1

  1. 1.  Thomas TROWBRIDGE, III was born 14 Feb 1664, New Haven, Connecticut (son of Lieut. Thomas TROWBRIDGE and Sarah RUTHERFORD); died 15 Sep 1711, New Haven, Connecticut.

    Thomas married Mary WINSTON 16 Oct 1685. Mary was born 24 Jun 1667, New Haven, Connecticut; died 16 Sep 1742, New Haven, Connecticut. [Group Sheet]

    1. Sarah TROWBRIDGE was born 26 Nov 1686, New Haven, Connecticut; died 23 Jan 1761.
    2. Stephen TROWBRIDGE was born 7 Sep 1688.

Generation: 2

  1. 2.  Lieut. Thomas TROWBRIDGE was christened 11 Dec 1631, St. Petrock, Exeter, England (son of Thomas TROWBRIDGE and Elizabeth MARSHALL); died 22 Aug 1702.

    Thomas married Sarah RUTHERFORD 24 Jun 1657. Sarah died 15 Jun 1687. [Group Sheet]

  2. 3.  Sarah RUTHERFORD died 15 Jun 1687.

    Other Events:

    • Fact: Daughter of Henry and Sarah Rutherford

    1. John TROWBRIDGE was born 23 Dec 1661; died 30 Jun 1689, At Sea.
    2. 1. Thomas TROWBRIDGE, III was born 14 Feb 1664, New Haven, Connecticut; died 15 Sep 1711, New Haven, Connecticut.
    3. Caleb TROWBRIDGE was born 28 Oct 1670, New Haven, New Haven, Connecticut, USA; died 10 Sep 1704, New Haven, New Haven, Connecticut, USA.

Generation: 3

  1. 4.  Thomas TROWBRIDGE was born Abt 1600 (son of John TROWBRIDGE and Agnes PROWSE); was buried 7 Feb 1672, St. Mary Magdalen Church, Taunton, Somerset.


    Thomas Trowbridge was named in his father John's nuncupative will 1 July 1649 as "eldest son" when he moved from Taunton to Exeter, where he was fined for freeman L12. On 20 Dec. 1624, according to registers of St. Mary Arches, he m. Elizabeth Marshall. In his own parish of St. Petrocks were b. to him: 6 Mar 1627, Elizabeth;
    5 Nov. 1629, John;
    11 Dec. 1631, Thomas;
    and Sept. 1633, William.

    The child Eliz. d.y. & john, the s. & h. remained in England, d. 1653; local will, naming John Manning of New England, merchant, William Davis of Muskeeta, Newfoundland, implied that he had sailed the sea with father. sons Thomas (Jr.) and William emigrated with parents to Dorchester, Mass., were James Trowbridge was born; they moved to New Haven, where Elizabeth the mother died. three children remained to have large families. Thomas Sr. returned to Exeter to remarry, by license, widow Frances Shattuck 10 Feb. 1640 in St. David's church. She, his cousin, was dau of Dorothy Trowbridge, dau. of Thos. Trowbridge (sr.) of Taunton. Thomas, Jr. paid L4 subsidy at West Munction, nr. Taunton. by 1643 they were back inNew Haven, a family of 5, rated at L500. When Taunton, under colonel, later admiral Robert Blake, was besieged by the royalists, Thomas, served as captain in Cromwell's army, 1645. Later, he supported a wounded soldier's pension claim at Taunton Court of Sessions. He gave his New England sons power of attorney for property there 14 Jan. 1664. He and they traded to the Azores from both sides of the Atlantic. He was buried at St. Mary Magdalen Church, Taunton Somerset, 7 Feb 1672.

    Elizabeth, first wife of Thomas Trowbridge, and other of his children, was bapt. at St. Mary Arches Church, Exeter, 24 Mar. 1602 of a family of centre of commercial and civic power in the cathedral city. This was amply set forth in 1905 in an article by Emory McClintock, "Thomas Trowbridge and Elizabeth," NEHG 59 (1905): 291-297. Elizabeth's father, the Alderman John Marshall, Mayor in 1615, was d. by the dau.'s marriage. Her mother Alice was the second dau. of the name, bapt. at St. Kerrians church, Exeter, 7 June 1572, and marshall's bride 30 Aug 1695 at St. Mary Arches. Alice, bur. there 13 Jan. 1630/1, left her favourite dau. Mrs. Elizabeth Trowbridge, L50 and L10 piece of place. Alice's father was Richard Beavis, who d. in office as Mayor of Exeter 26 Aug. 1603. He had m. (1) Elizabeth Price, from the Welsh "Ap Rhys." mother of Alice marshall, and (2) Jane Huish, dau. of Henry Huish of Sands.

    He had been engaged as mercer in Exeter in 1632, and appears to have come to New England in 1636. He had been on voyages to and from the Barbadoes. It may be that he did not intend to settle permanently in New England for he left his oldest son in England under the care of his father in Taunton. He brought his wife and two youngest sons and first settled at Dorchester, Mass. By 1639, he had removed to New Haven. He and his wife are noted in the records of the town and church as "Mr. and Mrs.', a distinction that at that time was conferred only on persons of established gentility. In 1643, in the census, his estate is given as 500 pounds; a large sum for that time and place. (N.E. Reg., 59, p. 292). Soon after this, he returned to England, leaving his boys and property in the care of his steward, Henry Gibbons, from whom, after more than twenty years, it was not easy to obtain an accounting. (Savage 4, p. 333.) He never came back. After his return to England, he issued Jan. 19, 1663-4 a power-of-attorney, to his sons in New Haven. He was a merchant, having dealings with the West Indies and a man of Prominence in Taunton.

    Thomas married Elizabeth MARSHALL 20 Dec 1624, St. Mary Arches. Elizabeth was christened 24 Mar 1602, St. Mary Arches Church, Exeter; died poss. 1641, New Haven, Connecticut. [Group Sheet]

  2. 5.  Elizabeth MARSHALL was christened 24 Mar 1602, St. Mary Arches Church, Exeter; died poss. 1641, New Haven, Connecticut.
    1. Elizabeth TROWBRIDGE was christened 6 Mar 1627/8, St. Petrock, Exeter, England; died , young; was buried 10 May 1630.
    2. John TROWBRIDGE was christened 5 Nov 1629, St. Petrock, Exeter, England; died 1653, England; was buried 16 Feb 1653/4, Taunton, England.
    3. 2. Lieut. Thomas TROWBRIDGE was christened 11 Dec 1631, St. Petrock, Exeter, England; died 22 Aug 1702.
    4. William TROWBRIDGE was christened 3 Sep 1633, St. Petrock, Exeter, England; died Nov 1690, New Haven, New Haven, Connecticut, USA.
    5. James TROWBRIDGE was born 1636, Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts; was christened 1638; died 22 May 1717, Newton, Middlesex County, Massachusetts.

Generation: 4

  1. 8.  John TROWBRIDGE was christened 25 Mar 1570, St. Mary Magdalen Church.

    Other Events:

    • Fact: Son of Thomas (Sr.) Trowbridge


    The marriage was preceded by a settlement made by Thomas which granted to Agnes an annuity of L30 for life issuing from all his lands at Rowbarton, occupied by his mother-in-law, Alice Hutchings, for her life. On the same day, John admitted to a life interest in his father's properties at Obridge and Staplegrove and Pyrland, partly occupied by Thomas' wife Johane (nee Hutchings). Agnes' marriage took place at St. Peter's Tiverton, 31 Jul 1597, 13 1/2 months before her father's death. Agnes herself was bur. Taunton 6 June 1622. the above Thomas Trowbridge Sr. was a leading citizen and charitable founder, a mercer, with a Tudor mansion, extant, in the high street, and had served as constable and portreve of the castle manor. Agnes' husband John Trowbridge was sole son and h. at his father's death 1620, and served Taunton as Mayor & Magistrate 1629 & 1637, and also as warden of St. Mary Magdalen, constable & portreve of Taunton castle manor.

    John married Agnes PROWSE 31 Jul 1597, St. Peter's, Tiverton. Agnes (daughter of John II PROWSE and Elizabeth COLWICK) was christened 15 Apr 1576, Tiverton; was buried 6 Jun 1622, Taunton, Massachusetts. [Group Sheet]

  2. 9.  Agnes PROWSE was christened 15 Apr 1576, Tiverton (daughter of John II PROWSE and Elizabeth COLWICK); was buried 6 Jun 1622, Taunton, Massachusetts.
    1. 4. Thomas TROWBRIDGE was born Abt 1600; was buried 7 Feb 1672, St. Mary Magdalen Church, Taunton, Somerset.