Male 1745 - 1782  (37 years)

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Generation: 1

  1. 1.  Charles WALWORTH was born 1745 (son of William WALWORTH and Elizabeth HINCKLEY); died 12 Jul 1782, Canaan, New Hampshire; was buried , Cobble Cemetery, Canaan, New Hampshire.


    In 1768, Charles went to Canaan, NH from Colchester, Conn., and remained there until his death, at which time he was Canaan's largest land owner. He was in the Army during the Revolutionary War and the inscription on his tombstone give him the title of Captain. He is said to have had a strong religious character.

    After the death of Charles, his widow, Lucy, married Henry Hall in 1786, and they had four children, Sally, Polly, Henry and Joshua.

    Charles married Lucy HARRIS 30 May 1771. [Group Sheet]

Generation: 2

  1. 2.  William WALWORTH was born Jan 1694, Fisher's Island, New London Co., Connecticut (son of William WALWORTH and Mary Abigail SEATON); died 17 May 1774, Bozrah, New London, Connecticut, USA.


    William of Noank, the eldest son of William, of Fisher's Iland, was a farmer and a large land owner. That part of the property which fell to the share of William, lay mostly in Noank and Noank Neck. It included also parcels of farm and woodland on Fort Hill, especially on the south and east sides, and reaching northerly until it touched the grounds of his father's great farm on the heights.

    William also had large possessions in Bozrah and Lebanon and, in the course of thirteen years, from 1720 to 1733, no less than thirty deeds recorded in the Town Clerk's office show William as a party in the sale of land. He had money in abundance which he spent freely in purchasing more land. william is reported to have moved to Bozrah, Connecticut, about 1744, where he afterward lived and died.

    William married Elizabeth HINCKLEY 23 Sep 1742, Groton, New London Co., Connecticut. [Group Sheet]

  2. 3.  Elizabeth HINCKLEY
    1. Eunice WALWORTH was born 04 Jun 1743, Groton, New London County, Connecticut; died 18 May 1823.
    2. 1. Charles WALWORTH was born 1745; died 12 Jul 1782, Canaan, New Hampshire; was buried , Cobble Cemetery, Canaan, New Hampshire.

Generation: 3

  1. 4.  William WALWORTH was born 1646, London, London, England; died Jan 1703, North Stonington, Connecticut; was buried 03 Feb 1703, Groton, Tompkins Co., New York.


    "Hyde Genealogy": This William Walworth came to New London about 1689, from the neighborhood of London, England at the request of Gen. Fitz John Winthrop, for the purpose of introducing English farming upon fisher's Island, then owned by Winthrop. Soon after his arrival he married Mary Seaton, who came out in the same vessel with him. They settled upon fisher's Island, of which he was for several years the lessee. He and his wife and their eldest child, Martha, were baptized at New London, by the Rev. Gurdon Saltonstall, 24 Jan. 1692. Shortly before his death, William Walworth obtained a tract of land in that part of New London which is now Groton: upon which his widow lived and brought up his children respectably by her great industry and energy of character, after his death. He died in 1703, at Groton. She survived him, and died 14 Jan. 1752, at New London, in the 49th year of her widowhood, aged 84. They had four sons and three daughters, the eldest of whom was only 12 years old at their father's death....

    William, a prominent farmer at Groton Manor, England, well known to the Winthrop family, was induced by Governor Winthrop of connecticut, to come to America to introduce to the Colonists the English system of cultivation. thus, William became the first lessee and settler upon Fisher's Island. He converted the virgin wilderness into fertile farm land and made the island his residence. to it, he carried a young wife and it became the birthplace of his older children. He remained on the island with his family for nine years, after which he felt it necessary to remove them to the mainland at Groton, Conn., to avoid the dangers of the Indians and the French Privateers. After removing to Groton, he came into possession of large grants and purchases of land and, at the time of his death, left a large estate of his family.

    William married Mary Abigail SEATON 1690, New London, Connecticut. Mary was born 1669, London, London, England; died 14 Jan 1753, New London, New London, Connecticut, USA. [Group Sheet]

  2. 5.  Mary Abigail SEATON was born 1669, London, London, England; died 14 Jan 1753, New London, New London, Connecticut, USA.


    Mary, an only child, at the death of her father, in London, England, was left an orphan. Her father was the second son of a wealthy family, but, by English law, received nothing by inheritance, the bulk of his parent's estate going to his older brother. Mary took a bold step of her own, that of emigration, and came to New London at the same time and on the same ship with William, and soon after arriving became the bride of William.

    Mary descended from one of the earliest and most distinguished families of Scotland. The "History of Scotland" by Buchanan and Watkins, records "Seatons" throughout its pages. The date of their earliest existence there has not been established but, as early as 1057 A.D., they are mentioned in said history. It records an Alexander Seaton, nobleman, as early as 1330, and mention is made of Mary Queen of Scots as having found shelter in the house of Lord Seaton at Niddy in East Lothian after her escape from Lock Liven Castle in may, 1568. Therefore, historians indicate that the Seaton family was one of high standing, held a high social position, and became allied with the most powerful of their time.

    Mary was a woman of rare ability and, following the death of William which occurred thirteen years after marriage, she reared her seven young children and managed her estate with unusual wisdom. She survived William by forty-nine years, death occurring in 1752, at the age of eighty-three.

    1. Martha WALWORTH was born Mar 1691, Fisher's Island, New London Co., Connecticut; was christened 24 Jan 1692, Congregationalist Church, New London, Connecticut; died 1736.
    2. 2. William WALWORTH was born Jan 1694, Fisher's Island, New London Co., Connecticut; died 17 May 1774, Bozrah, New London, Connecticut, USA.
    3. Mary WALWORTH was born 06 Feb 1695, Fisher's Island, New London Co., Connecticut; died 23 Aug 1771, Lebanon, New London, Connecticut.
    4. John WALWORTH was born Jun 1696, Fisher's Island, New London Co., Connecticut; died 17 May 1748, Groton, New London Co., Connecticut.
    5. Joanna WALWORTH was born Oct 1699, Groton, New London Co.,Connecticut; died 1777.
    6. James WALWORTH was born May 1701, Groton, New London Co., Connecticut; died 1720.
    7. Thomas WALWORTH was born May 1701, Groton, New London, Connecticut, USA; died 1748.