Jeremiah THOMAS

Male 1688 - 1763  (74 years)

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Generation: 1

  1. 1.  Jeremiah THOMAS was born 14 Feb 1688 (son of Jeremiah THOMAS and Lydia HOWLAND); died 08 Jan 1763, Middleboro, Massachusetts.

    Jeremiah — Miriam THOMAS. Miriam was born Abt 1695; died 10 Jan 1758. [Group Sheet]

Generation: 2

  1. 2.  Jeremiah THOMAS was born Abt 1659; died 02 Feb 1736, Middleboro, Massachusetts.

    Jeremiah — Lydia HOWLAND. Lydia (daughter of John Joseph HOWLAND and Mary LEE) was born 09 Jan 1665; died 06 Jul 1717. [Group Sheet]

  2. 3.  Lydia HOWLAND was born 09 Jan 1665 (daughter of John Joseph HOWLAND and Mary LEE); died 06 Jul 1717.
    1. Nathaniel THOMAS was born 02 Jan 1686; died Aft 1735.
    2. Sarah THOMAS was born 25 Dec 1687, Middleboro, Massachusetts; died 30 Apr 1756.
    3. 1. Jeremiah THOMAS was born 14 Feb 1688; died 08 Jan 1763, Middleboro, Massachusetts.
    4. Elizabeth THOMAS was born 19 Nov 1690.
    5. Mary THOMAS was born 05 Jun 1692.
    6. Lydia THOMAS was born 25 Mar 1694; died Aft 31 Mar 1756.
    7. Thankful THOMAS was born 30 Jun 1695, Middleboro, Massachusetts; died 17 Apr 1743, Middleboro, Massachusetts.
    8. Jedediah THOMAS was born 19 Aug 1698; died 27 Dec 1777.
    9. Bethiah THOMAS was born 27 Mar 1701, Middleboro, Massachusetts; died Aft 01 Oct 1764.
    10. Ebenezer THOMAS was born 01 Nov 1703.
    11. Priscilla THOMAS was born 13 Oct 1705.

Generation: 3

  1. 6.  John Joseph HOWLANDJohn Joseph HOWLAND was born 24 Apr 1627, Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA (son of John HOWLAND and Elizabeth TILLEY); died Aft 18 May 1699, Barnstable, Mass..

    Other Events:

    • AFN: 2338-T8M
    • Birth: 24 Feb 1627, Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts
    • Death: 26 Oct 1651, Barnstable, Barnstable, Massachusetts

    John married Mary LEE 26 Oct 1651, Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA. Mary was born Abt 1632; died Aft 06 May 1693. [Group Sheet]

  2. 7.  Mary LEE was born Abt 1632; died Aft 06 May 1693.
    1. Mary HOWLAND was born 1651; died 3 Aug 1711, Killingly, Connecticut.
    2. Anne HOWLAND was born 09 Sep 1670; died Aft 27 Apr 1741.
    3. Mercy HOWLAND was born 21 Jan 1663.
    4. Shobal HOWLAND was born 30 Sep 1672; died Between 14 Jun and 31 Aug 1737.
    5. John HOWLAND was born 31 Dec 1674; died 14 Feb 1738, W. Barnstable, Massachusetts.
    6. Isaac HOWLAND was born 25 Nov 1659.
    7. Hannah HOWLAND was born 15 May 1661; died Bef Feb 1710.
    8. Elizabeth HOWLAND was born 17 May 1655.
    9. 3. Lydia HOWLAND was born 09 Jan 1665; died 06 Jul 1717.
    10. Experience HOWLAND was born 28 Jul 1668.

Generation: 4

  1. 12.  John HOWLANDJohn HOWLAND was born Bef 1592, Fenstanton, Huntingdonshire, England; was christened 16 Jan 1603, Holy Trinity, Ely, Cambridge, England (son of Henry HOWLAND and Anne Margaret AIRES); died 23 Feb 1673, Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts; was buried , Burial Hill, Rocky Hook, Plymouth, Massachusetts.

    Other Events:

    • Birth: 1602, Of, Fen Stanton, Huntingdonshire, England
    • Fact: 03 Mar 1672, Inventory taken.
    • Will: 29 May 1672


    Excerpt from Mayflower Increasing: In the Plymouth ChR 1:147, Rev. John Cotton said of him, " he was a good old disciple & had bin sometime a magistrate here, a plaine-hearted christian". Nathaniel Morton wrote, "The 23 February 1672 Mr John Howland Senr of the Towne of Plymouth Deceased hee was a Godly man and an ancient professor in the wayes of Christ hee lived untill hee attained above eighty yearaes in the world he was one of the first Comers into this land and proved a usefull Instrument of Good in his place & was the last man that was left of those that Came over in the ship Called the May Flower that lived in Pkymouth he was with honor intered at the Towne of Plymouth on the 25 February 1672."

    American history legend from the voyage of the Mayflower and founding of Plymouth Rock in 1620. American children discover John Howland when they learn of the Pilgrims, Plymouth Rock, and the first Thanksgiving. The Pilgrims' leader Governor William Bradford wrote a first hand account of the Pilgrim history from 1620 to 1647. This account was first published in 1952, and is considered one of the best first hand accounts of any kind on American history. In Bradford's account of the voyage over on the Mayflower, he tells of how John Howland washed overboard in violent storm. Howland was 29 years of age at the time. Howland was able to grab some ropes from the sails and gradually pull himself back on board the ship. This event and Bradford's account of it made John Howland a legend. Howland's name and account has been published in hundreds of publications and in school history books. As myths can grow, the story had changed that he had died and was the first pilgrim to die, thus the oldest burial in the Plymouth cemetery, Burial Hill. In fact, he survived, married and had a number of children with Elizabeth Tilley Howland, and lived to 80 plus, according to his grave stone. His grave stone also states from Plymouth records that he was the last male to die from the original pilgrims of the Mayflower. (bio by: Bruce)

    Here ended the Pilgrimage of JOHN HOWLAND who died February 23, 1672/3 aged above 80 years. He married Elizabeth daughter of JOHN TILLEY who came with him in the Mayflower Dec. 1620. From them are descended a numerous posterity. "Here was a godly man and an ancient professor in the ways of Christ. Hee was one of the first comers into this land and was the last man that was left of those that came over in the Shipp called the Mayflower that lived in Plymouth."

    John married Elizabeth TILLEY 25 Mar 1623, Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts. Elizabeth (daughter of John TILLEY and Joan HURST) was born 1607, Henlow, Bedfordshire, England; was christened 30 Aug 1607, Henlow, Bedfordshire, England; died 21 Dec 1687, Swansea, Bristol Co., Massachusetts; was buried 01 Jan 1688, Brown Lot, Little Neck Cemetery, Riverside, Rhode Island. [Group Sheet]

  2. 13.  Elizabeth TILLEYElizabeth TILLEY was born 1607, Henlow, Bedfordshire, England; was christened 30 Aug 1607, Henlow, Bedfordshire, England (daughter of John TILLEY and Joan HURST); died 21 Dec 1687, Swansea, Bristol Co., Massachusetts; was buried 01 Jan 1688, Brown Lot, Little Neck Cemetery, Riverside, Rhode Island.

    Other Events:

    • AFN: 1DR0-GW7
    • AFN: 8WRK-6V
    • Baptism: 30 Aug 1607, Henlow, Bedfordshire, England
    • Will: 17 Dec 1686
    • Will Proved: Between 10 Jan 1687 and 1688
    • Death: 21 Dec 1687, Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts


    When the Mayflower set sail for the new world in 120, one of the passengers was a thirteen-year-old teenager, Elizabeth Tilley. The daughter of John and Joan (Hurst) (Rogers) Tilley, Elizabeth was baptized at Henlow, Bedfordshire, England, on 30 August 1607. She died at Swansea, Massachusetts 22 December 1687, at the age of 80. Throughout the seasons of her life, Elizabeth tilley was a first person witness and participant in the settlement of what came to become known as New England and the United States of America...

    Sadly Elizabeth Tilley's parents did not survive the first winter. Historians believe that she subsequently went to live with John Carver and his wife, and it is with this family that John Howland was employed as a servant. However, John Carver died the first spring and his wife, Katherine, died the first summer and so this apparently left John Howland in charge of the Carver household. the Carvers' children died in Leiden and "Howland may have inherited at least a portion of Carver's estate. In 1624 he was considered the head of what was once the Carver household when he was granted an acre for each member of the household including himself, Elizabeth Tilley, Desire Minter and a boy named William Latham."

    The exact marriage date of Elizabeth Tilley to John Howland is unknown. However, the Pilgrim John Howland Society states that," the Division of Cattle in 1627 they were married with two children, Desire and John. If Desire was born in 1624 or 1625 it seems John and Elizabeth were married in March 1623 when Elizabeth was almost 16." John Howland was approximately 15 years her senior based on his date of death at age 80. Their ten children included six daughters and four sons: Desire, John, Jabez, Hope, Elizabeth, Lydia, Ruth, Hannah, Joseph and Isaac. Using an estimated marriage date of 1623, John Howland cared and provided for his then "teenage wife" for approximately 49 years.

    With so little written about Elizabeth Tilley, a review of John Howland's record adds to what can be surmised about her --Elizabeth was John's able partner for life. He took an active role in Plymouth's affairs and became a prominent society member. Also, John Howland was one of the "Undertakers" who assumed the debt of the colony and was in charge of the Plymouth Colony trading post at Cushnoc on the Kennebec River, and he also served as Assistant to the Governor and participated in the founding of the First Parish Church in Plymouth.

    The first house of Elizabeth and John Howland was located on the north side of Leiden Street in Plymouth. A reproduction of this first dwelling can be found at Plimoth Plantation....

    The place that was to become their home for many years was the farm known as Rocky Nook. "This place" (now in the village of Kingston) 'we had a great liking to plant in, but it was so far from our fishing our principal profit and so encompassed with woods that we should be in much danger of the savages, and our number being so little and so much ground to clear,' that they wisely decided to settle on the high cleared lands of the present town of Plymouth, 'so near the sea, so well provided with fresh water, and so fortunately protected against Indian attacks.'" In 1637/8 John Howland acquired three acres of land, a house, barn, out buildings and five acres of adjoining meadow, Rocky Nook Farm. It appears that three of their ten children were born there...

    Information varies with regard to the widow Elizabeth Howland leaving Rocky Nook. However, it is known that she never remarried and went on to live with two of her children. It appears she was in residence with her son, Jabez Howland, in Plymouth from 1674 until his house was sold in 1680. It was then that Elizabeth went to Swansea to live with her daughter, Lydia (Howland) Brown. Sadly the Howlands beloved Rocky Nook Homestead was burned in 1675 during the King Philip's War.....

    While it isn't known how Elizabeth Tilley Howland occupied herself following the death of her husband, there are several interesting articles on the website of the Pilgrim John Howland Society. One article indicates that she kept busy with her numerous grandchildren. Elizabeth's admonition to her children in her Last Will and testament reveals her love of God and family: "I give & commit my soule unto Almighty God my Savior & Redeemer....It is my Will & Charge to all my Children that they walke in ye Feare of ye Lord, and in Love and peace toward each other."

    Article written by Kathleen M. (Kathy) Myers

    1. Desire HOWLAND was born Bef 1625, Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA; was christened , Plymouth, Plymouth, Mass.; died 13 Oct 1683, Barnstable, Barnstaple Co.,, Massachusetts; was buried 14 Oct 1683, Barnstable, Barnstable, Massachusetts.
    2. 6. John Joseph HOWLAND was born 24 Apr 1627, Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA; died Aft 18 May 1699, Barnstable, Mass..
    3. Hope HOWLAND was born 30 Aug 1629, Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachsetts; was christened , Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts; died 08 Jan 1683/4, Barnstable, Barnstable, Massachusetts; was buried 09 Jan 1683, Lothrop Hill, Barnstable, Barnstable, Massachusetts.
    4. Elizabeth HOWLAND was born Bef 1631, Poss. Maine; was christened , Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts; died 1691, Oyster Bay, Long Island, New York; was buried , Oyster Bay, Long Island, New York.
    5. Lydia HOWLAND was born Abt 1633, Poss. Maine; died Between 11 Jan 1710 and 1711; was buried UNKNOWN, Mass..
    6. Hannah HOWLAND was born Abt 1637, Maine; was christened Feb 1641, Plymouth, Plymouth, Mass.; died 1687, Swansea, Bristol County, Massachusetts; was buried UNKNOWN, Swansea, Bristol, Massachusetts.
    7. Joseph HOWLAND was born Abt 1640, Kingston, Massachusetts; was christened Feb 1645, Plymouth, Plymonth, Massachusetts; died Between Jan 1703 and 1704, Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA.
    8. Jabez HOWLAND was born 1644, Rocky Nook, Kingston, Plymouth, Massachusetts; was christened , Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts; died 07 Apr 1708, Bristol, Bristol, Rhode Island; was buried 21 Feb 1712, Bristol, Bristol, Rhode Island.
    9. Ruth HOWLAND was born Abt 1646, Kingston, Massachusetts; was christened Abt 1646, Plymouth, Plymouth, Mass.; died Between 29 May 1672 and 16 Oct 1679; was buried UNKNOWN, Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts.
    10. Isaac HOWLAND was born 15 Nov 1649, Kingston, Massachusetts; was christened Nov 1649, Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts; died Between 09 Mar 1723 and 1724, Middleboro, Massachusetts; was buried , The Green Cem..