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Generation: 1

  1. 1.  Mary TALMAGE was born 13 Jan 1668 (daughter of William TALMAGE and Elizabeth PEIRCE).

Generation: 2

  1. 2.  William TALMAGE was born , England (son of Thomas TALMADGE and UNKNOWN); died Bef 09 Jan 1672.

    William — Elizabeth PEIRCE. Elizabeth was born 16 Jul 1643, Boston, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA; died 1669. [Group Sheet]

  2. 3.  Elizabeth PEIRCE was born 16 Jul 1643, Boston, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA; died 1669.

    Other Events:

    • Fact: Daughter of John and Elizabeth Peirce

    1. 1. Mary TALMAGE was born 13 Jan 1668.
    2. Elizabeth TALMAGE was born 22 Sep 1666.

Generation: 3

  1. 4.  Thomas TALMADGE died 1653.


    Excerpt from "The Talmadge, Tallmadge and Talmage Genealogy": He was an Englishman and brother of John Talmadge of Newton Stacey, Hants,.......
    Thomas Talmadge came to America 1631, in the ship "Pough", which carried ten passengers. Another report says he came in the fleet with Govenor Winthrop in 1630, (Savage, iv or ix, 252). He landed at Charlestown moved to Boston and then Lynne. May 14, 1634, the "Genall Court" made "Thomas Talmage" a freeman. In 1637 a committee composed of Daniel Howe, Richard Walker and Henry Collins, was appointed to lay out farms, and in 1638 they allotted one of two hundred acres to "Thomas Talmage" and one of twenty acres for "Thomas Talmage his son." On Sept 3, 1640, a letter of attorney by the emigrants seems to have been executed at Boston.
    Mr. S.C.N. Talmage in his Talmage Genealogy, 1901, writes that Thomas Lechford was an English lawyer who came to Boston, 1638, and returned to England, 1641. He was the first practising lawyer in Massachusetts and kept a notebook of legal memoranda which has been published and contains these entries, page 294, old 167: "William Talmage, of Boston, in New England, Thomas Talmage, Robert Talmage and Richard Walker, husband of Jane Talmage, deceased, sonnes and daughter of Thomas Talmage, brother of John Talmage of Newton Stacey, in the county of Southampton, deceased, make a letter of attorney to Richard Conying and William Dowlying, overseers of the will of the said John Talmage, deceased, to receive of the executor and administrator of the last will and testament of Symon Talmage, our brother, and of John Talmage, aforesaid, the summes of money due unto us by the will of the said John Talmage (and a certificate under the public seal).....
    By order of the court on Mar 7, 1644, the town was divided into four wards and Thomas, Sr., lived in the first, while Thomas Jr., and Robert lived in the second ward. Among the freemen March 8, 1649, is Thomas Talmage, and on May 10, 1649 he was number 13 in the list of Townsmen. He is not in the list of inhabitants 1657, and he must have left about 1650, going to Easthampton, of which his son, Thomas Jr., was one of the founders in 1649. On May 24, 1651, Thomas Talmage, Sr., was fined for absence from Town Meeting at Easthampton. He probably died 1653, for on Dec 9, 1653, the town records show it was "ordered that the share of whale in contraversy between Widowe Talmage shall be divided even as the lott is," and in Feb 1654, Thomas Talmage (no Sr., or Jr. attached to name), was given five acres of land......

    Thomas — UNKNOWN. [Group Sheet]

  2. 5.  UNKNOWN
    1. Jane TALMAGE was born , England; died 03 Sep 1640.
    2. Simon TALMADGE was born , England; died 1640, England.
    3. Thomas TALMAGE was born , England; died Between Apr and Sep 1691.
    4. Davis TALMAGE was born 1630, England; died May 1708.
    5. Robert TALMAGE was born , England; died Bef 1662.
    6. 2. William TALMAGE was born , England; died Bef 09 Jan 1672.
    7. Christain TALMAGE was born , England.