Elizabeth PITKIN

Female 1711 - 1753  (42 years)

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Generation: 1

  1. 1.  Elizabeth PITKIN was born 1711 (daughter of Ozias PITKIN and Elizabeth GREEN); died 10 Feb 1753.

    Elizabeth — William OLMSTED. [Group Sheet]

Generation: 2

  1. 2.  Ozias PITKIN was born 1679 (son of William PITKIN and Hannah GOODWIN); died 09 Jan 1747.


    Excerpt from "Pitkin Genealogy":

    Ozias Pitkin was appointed by the General Assembly, 1714, Captain of the militia company, Hartford, east side (Col. Rec., Vol. V, p. 453). He was repeatedly elected to the Colonial Assembly, and in1725 was appointed Associate Judge of Hartford County, and held the office till 1735, when he was chosen Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. In 1727 he was chosen a member of the Colonial Council, and so remained till his death in 1746, a period of nineteen years (Col. Rec., Vol. VII, pp. 287, 439, 484, 510). He was chosen Commissioner of War in defense of New London in 1740, and again Commissioner of War in defense of frontier towns in 1743 (col. Rec., pp. 50, 52, 18, 119, 148). He "Owned his covenant" with the "First Church of Hartford" April 6, 1704, and his oldest child, George, was baptized that day. He joined with his wife in "full communion" in 1704.

    Ozias married Elizabeth GREEN 1702. Elizabeth was born 1682; died 08 Feb 1724. [Group Sheet]

  2. 3.  Elizabeth GREEN was born 1682; died 08 Feb 1724.
    1. Samuel PITKIN was born 1708; died 20 Jun 1747.
    2. Ozias PITKIN was born 10 May 1710, Hartford, Hartford County,Connecticut; died 1761.
    3. Abigail PITKIN was born 1707, Hartford, Hartford County,Connecticut.
    4. George PITKIN was born 06 Apr 1704; died 1704.
    5. 1. Elizabeth PITKIN was born 1711; died 10 Feb 1753.
    6. Martha PITKIN was born 20 Sep 1715; died 19 Jul 1771; was buried , Old Burying Ground, Cromwell, Middlesex Co., Connecticut.
    7. George PITKIN was born 19 Aug 1705; died 1706.
    8. Hannah PITKIN was born 1720.
    9. Mary PITKIN

Generation: 3

  1. 4.  William PITKIN was born 1635, England; died 16 Dec 1694.


    Excerpt from "Pitkin Genealogy":

    William Pitkin, the progenitor of the family in America, who came from England in 1659, was possessed of great ability and tenacity of purpose. Endowed with a discerning mind, coupled with an excellent English education, coming into the Colony after its early settlement, he soon gained the full confidence of the Connecticut colonists. He was admitted a freeman, October 9, 1662, and was appointed the same year by the General Assembly, Prosecutor for the Colony. His marked ability gave him, in1664, the appointment of Attorney-General, by the King. From 1675 to 1690, a period of fifteen years, he annually represented Hartford in the Colonial Assembly. In 1676 he was chosen Treasurer of the Colony. He was often appointed Commissioner by the Colony to the United Colonies. In 1676 he was appointed with Major Talcott to negotiate peace with the Narragansett and other Indian tribes. In 1690 he was elected a member of the Colonial Council, and so remained till is death. In 1693 he was sent by the Colony to Governor Fletcher of New York, to negotiate terms respecting the militia until Governor Winthrop's return from England, whither he had gone on the same business (see Hollister's "Connecticut", p. 340). In 1693 "Mr. William Pitkin, Mr. Sanuel Chester, and Captain William Whiting were appointed by the General Court to run the division line between the Connecticut and Massachusetts colonies" (see Trumbull's History, p. 410; also see Col. Rec., Vol. I, p. 363-413, Vol. II, p. 426, Vol. III, p. 19). Aside from his profession, he was also one of the principal planters of the town, having purchased a large tract of land on the east side of the river, on which his sons all settled. It embraced a portion of East Hartford Center. He owned one-third interest in a saw-mill and a grist-mill at "Pitkin Falls", so called from the number of dams and mills erected there, by the Pitkin family. He was also appointed with Mr. John Crow, to lay out the first Main and other streets on the east side of the river.

    William married Hannah GOODWIN 1661. Hannah was born 1637; died 12 Feb 1724. [Group Sheet]

  2. 5.  Hannah GOODWIN was born 1637; died 12 Feb 1724.

    Other Events:

    • Fact: Daughter Of Ozias and (Mary Woodward) Goodwin

    1. Roger PITKIN was born 1662; died 24 Nov 1748.
    2. William PITKIN, Jr. was born 1664; died 05 Apr 1723, Hartford, Hartford County,Connecticut.
    3. Hannah PITKIN was born 1666.
    4. John PITKIN was born 1668; died 1706.
    5. Nathaniel PITKIN was born 1670; died 20 Feb 1733.
    6. George PITKIN was born 1675; died 23 Dec 1702.
    7. Elizabeth PITKIN was born 1677.
    8. 2. Ozias PITKIN was born 1679; died 09 Jan 1747.