Female Abt 1662 -

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Generation: 1

  1. 1.  Sarah MARVIN was born Abt 1662 (daughter of Matthew MARVIN and Mary ?).

    Sarah married Thomas BETTS 13 Jan 1680. [Group Sheet]

Generation: 2

  1. 2.  Matthew MARVIN was born Abt 1626, England; was christened 8 Nov 1626 (son of Matthew MARVIN and Elizabeth ?); died Abt 1712, Norwalk, Fairfield Co., Connecticut.

    Other Events:

    • Baptism: 08 Nov 1626, Great Bentley, co. Essex, England


    "Reinold and Matthew Marvin Genealogy": He came with his father in the "Increase." He married, probably about 1650, Mary (?); she was living 28 March, 1707, at which time he made deeds of gift of all his estate to his sons Samuel and John, providing for her support; she probably died about 1709. He left no will, and the deeds mention only his daughter Hannah and a child of Elizabeth; they cover several pages in Norwalk Land rec. *(IV: 155 et seq.) He was in Norwalk certainly as early as 1651-2, and perhaps was one of the "thirty approved families" mentioned in the Agreement, 19 June, 1650, with roger Ludlow, then of Fairfield, CT., though not named in that document.

    In the Deed made with Runckinheage and other "Norwake" indians, 15 Feb., 1651/2, his name is the eleventh. The consideration was "thirty fathum of Wampum," and various other articles, including kettles, coats, pipes, needles, etc.

    His home-lot fronted on the road to Stamford, having the meeting-house lot on the east, his father's lot as its rear northern boundary, and Daniel Kellogg's lot on the west. His estate of "lands and accommodations," in 1665, was L135 ..10. He is frequently called "Mr." on the Town Records, and was often entrusted with important matters of public business, in church and civil affairs. He was town clerk in 1660, '61, and '62; townsman or selectman in 1600 and 1679, and perhaps in other years; some of the records are missing, but apparently, by his signature as witness to a deed, on 15 April, 1694, he served in that year also. He was "accepted to be made free" 13 Oct., 1664; the freeman's oath was ordered to be taken in the following May.

    Matthew married Mary ? Abt 1650. [Group Sheet]

  2. 3.  Mary ?
    1. Matthew MARVIN was born Abt 1656; died 07 Oct 1691, Norwalk, Fairfield, Connecticut, USA.
    2. Mary MARVIN was born Abt 1658.
    3. Mercy MARVIN was born Abt 1660; died 22 Jul 1711, Norwalk, Fairfield, Connecticut, USA.
    4. 1. Sarah MARVIN was born Abt 1662.
    5. Samuel MARVIN was born Abt 1664, Norwalk, Fairfield, Connecticut, USA; died Aft 1754.
    6. Elizabeth MARVIN was born 02 Dec 1671; died 09 Apr 1703.
    7. Hannah MARVIN was born Abt 1675; died Abt 1703, Huntington, Long Island, New York.
    8. John MARVIN was born 02 Sep 1678, Norwalk, Fairfield, Connecticut, USA; died 09 Feb 1774, Sharon, Connecticut.

Generation: 3

  1. 4.  Matthew MARVIN was born Bef 26 Mar 1599, Great Bentley, Essex Co., England (son of Edward MARVIN and Margaret UNKNOWN); died 26 Dec 1679, Norwalk, Fairfield Co., Connecticut.

    Other Events:

    • Baptism: 26 Mar 1600, Great Bentley, co. Essex, England
    • Fact: 1635, Came on the "Increase" with wife and five children
    • Fact: 1635, An original settler in Hartford and of Norwalk, 1651


    "Descendants of Reinold and Matthew Marvin": Matthew, youngest son of Edward and Margaret Marvin, was baptized in St. Mary's Church, Great Bentley, Essex, England, 26 March, 1600; Rev. Robert Dernell was then its rector. His father's will gave him the "mentchon house called Edons alias Dreybrockes, and ij Croftes of land called Hartles and Brocken Heddes," on the condition that he paid his mother yearly during her life "the fulle sume of Sexe Poundes," in default of which it was to pass to his bother Reinold with a like condition. He was then about fifteen years old. He probably resided there with his mother until her death in May, 1633.

    He married (1) about 1622 Elizabeth (?), born about 1604, judging from her age as given when she went to America; she died in Hartford, probably about 1640; and from the ages of his younger children, certainly not later than 1647. rebecca is thought to have been Elizabeth's youngest child, as she is named in her father's will, but not in that of his second wife, who mentions her own children then living. He married (2), about 1647, Alice, widow of John Bouton, born about 1610; in her will, 1 Dec., 1680, she calls herself "aged about seventy;" she made oath to the inventory of her husband's estate 17 Dec., 1680, and died soon after; the inventory of her own estate is dated "the last of January, 1680/1."

    Matthew sailed from London in the "Increase," Robert Lea, master, having proved, 15 April, 1635, that his party had "taken the oathes of Allegeance and Supremacie: As also being conformable to the Government and discipline of the Church of England, whereof they brought testimony.. Cert. from ye Justices and ministers where there abodes have latlie been."

    He had been a "sydeman" at St. mary's in 1621; "overseer" in 1627, and senior warden in 1628. He is last mentioned there 22 Aug. 1633, when "William Littleburye, the servant of Matthew Meruin, was buried."

    The record of his departure calls him "husbandman, aet. 25," and names his wife and children "Elizabeth Marvynn, vor, 31; Elizabeth Marvinn 31 ( a clerical error for 13); Matthew Marvynn, 8; marie Marvynn, 6; Sara marvynn, 3; Hanna Marvynn 1/2." Some of his fellow-passengers appear as his fellow townsmen in Hartford, Farmington and Norwalk. The "Increase" sailed about the middle of April, and reached New England about the first of June. Where he spent the first few months after his arrival, is not known. His name is on the monument in honor of the first settlers of hartford, the first of whom arrived there about November, 1635, and Matthew was one of "the twelve very earliest emigrants whose names are known," and who formed the company known as Adventurers, to whom belonged "Venturers' Field." He resided on the corner of Village (now Pleasant) and Front streets, the lot fronting east.

    Matthew married Elizabeth ? Bef 1622, England. Elizabeth was born Abt 1604; died Abt 1642. [Group Sheet]

  2. 5.  Elizabeth ? was born Abt 1604; died Abt 1642.
    1. Elizabeth MARVIN was christened 15 Sep 1622; died 1708, Norwich, New London, Connecticut, USA.
    2. 2. Matthew MARVIN was born Abt 1626, England; was christened 8 Nov 1626; died Abt 1712, Norwalk, Fairfield Co., Connecticut.
    3. Marie MARVIN was born 1628, England; was christened 15 Dec 1628; died 29 Mar 1713.
    4. Sarah MARVIN was born 1632, England; was christened 27 Dec 1631, Great Bentley, St. Marys, Essex, England; died Abt 1702, Stratford, Fairfield Co., Connecticut.
    5. Hannah MARVIN was born Abt Oct 1634; died Aft 1680.
    6. Abigail MARVIN was born Between 1636 and 1638, Hartford, Hartford Co., Connecticut; died Bef 1689.
    7. Rebecca MARVIN was born Abt 1639.

Generation: 4

  1. 8.  Edward MARVIN was born abt. 1550, Ramsey or Wrabness, England; died 13 or 14 Nov 1615.

    Other Events:

    • Fact: Son of Rynalde and Johan Marvin


    "Descendants of Reinhold and Matthew Marvin": Edward, son of Rynalde and Johan Marvin, was born in Ramsey or Wrabness, and from a comparison of dates about 1550, or a little earlier.....His father had six children living in 1554, of whose relative ages we know nothing. His birth-place is thought to have been the corner estate, which by his father's will he was to inherit on his mother's death, and which he bequeathed to his son Edward. He also owned several farms in Ramsey and its vicinity, some of which he disposed of to his sons before his death, confirming the arrangement in his will. "Moye House and land of Moys," which can be located on the amps cited, near the boundary of Ramsey and Great Oakley, and not far from the marshy shore line of Tendring Hundred, he gave to his son Richard. Other "landes, medowes, woodes and pasters" in the same neighborhood he gave to Reinold. Another son, Robert, took his lands in Frating, a parish west of the Bentleys; to Matthew, the youngest son, was bequeath "the mentchon howse called Edons, alles (alias)Dreybrocks ....that I now dwelle in."

    This mansion is in Great Bentley, still standing in good repair and bearing its ancient name, though showing evidence of various changes inside and out, since Edward died. The large room on the main floor, with its carved beams in the ceiling, and the stair-case to the chambers above, are thought to date from the period when Edward lived there; by the kindness of the present occupants we are able to give views of the building in its present condition. With this property Matthew further received "ij Croftes of land called Hartles and Brocken Heddes," for which he was to pay to his mother every year during her life, on the Feast of the Annunciation, and on St. Michael's Day (25 march and 29 September), at the mansion, "the full sume of Sexe Powndes of good and Lawfull money of England."

    Edward died 13 or 14 Nov., 1615; his will is dated on the 13th, and the Register has this entry two days later: "Edward Meruin was buried the xvth November." The will was proved 17 January following. He married Margaret----, who survived him. St. mary's Register, under date of 28 May, 1633, has: "Margaret Meruin widow of Edward Meruin decd buried." He was probably married before he went to Great Bentley, as the births of his elder children are not recorded there.

    Whether Edward removed from his previous home because of the troubles in St. Michael's, Ramsey, whose Vicar, John White, according to a Presbyterian writer, was "a candalous liver," and not long before had been "indicted for a common barrater," we cannot tell; if all the charges made against him were true, there would have been good reason for a change, but no doubt allowance must be made for the troublous state of affairs and the ecclesiastical contests at that time. White died shortly before October, 1592; the following June two of Edward's children were christened at Great Bentley. These are the first of the name recorde there; the Register begins in 1558, but some years are missing.

    Edward — Margaret UNKNOWN. [Group Sheet]

  2. 9.  Margaret UNKNOWN
    1. Reinold MARVIN was christened 25 Oct 1594, St. Mary's Church, Great Bentley, Essex, England; died 1662, Lyme, New London County, Connecticut.
    2. 4. Matthew MARVIN was born Bef 26 Mar 1599, Great Bentley, Essex Co., England; died 26 Dec 1679, Norwalk, Fairfield Co., Connecticut.