Nicholas KNAPP

Male 1592 - 1670  (77 years)

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Generation: 1

  1. 1.  Nicholas KNAPP was born 16 May 1592, Wells-Next-Sea, Wells, Norfolk, England (son of John KNAPP and Martha BLOIS); died 16 Apr 1670, Stamford, Fairfield, Connecticut, USA.


    "Connecticut Ancestry": Nicholas Knapp was in Watertown, Massachusetts by 1 March 1630/31, when he was fined for sellin some "water of noe worth nor value" as a cure for scurvy. Since this was wintertime when no ships made the Atlantic voyage, it is likely that he had arrived well before this time, perhaps during the summer of 1630. Anderson estimates that he was born by about 1606, based on the estimated date of his marriage. He died at Stamford between 15 and 27 April 1669/70, the dates of his will and his inventory. The family name was generally spelled KNAP until about 1800....

    His first wife and mother of his children, who died in Stamford on 16th day, 6th month (16 August) 1658, was named Eleanor (?). He married (2) at Stamford on 9 March 1658/59 Unica (?) (Buxton) (Brown), widow of Clement Buxton and Peter Brown. Since she was not mentioned in his will, she is presumed to have died before 1670.

    The standard 'KNAPP GENEALOGY" is full of error and must be used with caution. It does, however, contain some interesting historical and biographical information, including a list of the lands of Nicholas Knapp in Watertown, and a complete transcription of his will. He appears to have left Watertown about May 1646, since he sold all the land he had received from the town there to Bryan Pendleton on the 6th day 3rd month 1646, and another acre of meadow (purchased separately in 1645) to Edward Garfield on the same date. According to one Stamford historian, he was briefly in Rye, New York, and nearby Greenwich before arriving in Stamford about 1649.

    For some unknown reason, the Stamford Town Records do not contain a complete listing of the lands of Nicholas Knapp as they do for many other early residents. He is, however, mentioned regularly as an adjoining landholder in many of the other residents' summaries. the Town Records do contain an interesting purchase on 26 September 1651 by "nickels Knape" of Elias Bailey's house and home lot of 1 1/2 acre, purchased earlier by Bailey from John Coe, and adjacent to land already in Knapp's possession. Both Bailey and Coe left Stamford for Long Island, along with many other Stamford people.

    Nicholas Knapp and his stepson Clement Buxton, son of his second wife Eunice, "the aforesayd Nichlas Knap haveing by and with the mariage of ye Widdow Busxton administrered upon ye estate of Clement Buxton, deceased" made an agreement on 8 March 1666/67 and recorded 31 January 1667/68, the young man having reached his majority, that he (Buxton) would receive title to his father's house and property in return for granting Knapp and his wife the life use of the house and 1/2 of the barn and home lot. On the following day (March 1666/67) Nicholas Knapp added an additional detail to the agreement in which he gave "unto Clement Buxton a beding in ye house wch I now am resedent in and what conveniancy I can conveniantly acommodate him with all for stoedge (storage) of what necisary things he have to put in so that it may be understood I grant him this priveledge as long as I shall live in the house. This my agreement made 9th March 1666.

    Then, within a year on 19 October 1668, Nicholas Knap purchased the house and 1 1/2 acre homelot of Daniel Simpkins of Stamford for the price of "two oxen and one cow in hand resived & for full satisfaction." This homelot was between the homelots of Richard Scofield on the south and Thomas Lawrence on the north and bounded by the highway on the east and the mill lot on the west.

    His will was dated at Stamford on 15 April (2nd Month) 1670, probated 21 October 1670, and named his children Moses, Timothy, Caleb, Joshua, Sarah Disbrowe, Hanna, Lidea, and Ruth. Sarah Buxton and Eunice Buxton are called daughters in law, and are left property out of the effects of their father Clement Buxton. His son Joshua Knapp was named executor and the will was witnessed by John Weed and Eleazer Slason. The inventory was taken 27 April 1669/70 by John Holly and Clement Buxton, and filed 31 October 1670.

    Nicholas — Elinor LOCKWOOD. Elinor (daughter of Edmund LOCKWOOD and Alice COWPER) was born Oct 1609, St. Mary Parish-Bures, Co. Suffolk, England; died 16 Aug 1658, Stamford, Fairfield Co., Connnecticut. [Group Sheet]

    1. Jonathan KNAPP was born Nov 1631, Watertown, Massachusetts; died 27 Dec 1631, Watertown, Massachusetts.
    2. Timothy KNAPP was born 14 Dec 1632, Watertown, Massachusetts; died Bef 1685, Rye, Westchester Co., New York.
    3. Joshua KNAPP was born 05 Jan 1634/35, Watertown, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts; died Bef 27 Oct 1684, Greenwich, Fairfield, Connecticut, USA.
    4. Caleb KNAPP was born 20 Jan 1636/37, Watertown, Massachusetts; died 12 Dec 1674, Stamford, Fairfield, Connecticut, USA.
    5. Sarah KNAPP was born 05 Jan 1638/39, Watertown, Middlesex Co., Massachsutts; died 1681, Rye, Westchester Co., New York.
    6. Ruth KNAPP was born 06 Jan 1640/41, Watertown, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts; died Aft 1702, Greenwich, Fairfield, Connecticut, USA.
    7. Hannah KNAPP was born 06 Mar 1642/43, Watertown, Middlesex County, Massachusetts; died 11 Dec 1694, Norwalk, Fairfield, Connecticut, USA.
    8. Moses KNAPP was born 6 Aug 1645, Watertown, Massachusetts; died 1756, Peekskill, New York.
    9. Lydia KNAPP was born 08 Jun 1647, Stamford, Fairfield, Connecticut, USA; died 09 Dec 1716, Stratford, Fairfield Co.,Connecticut.

    Nicholas married Unica ? 9 Jan 1659, Stamford, Fairfield, Connecticut, USA. Unica was born Abt 1613; died Bef 15 Apr 1670, Stamford, Fairfield, Connecticut, USA. [Group Sheet]

Generation: 2

  1. 2.  John KNAPP was born 1560, Stokes, Ipswich, Suffolk, England; died 2 May 1604, Ipswich, Suffolk, England.

    John — Martha BLOIS. Martha was born 1565, Grundisburgh, Suffolk, England. [Group Sheet]

  2. 3.  Martha BLOIS was born 1565, Grundisburgh, Suffolk, England.
    1. 1. Nicholas KNAPP was born 16 May 1592, Wells-Next-Sea, Wells, Norfolk, England; died 16 Apr 1670, Stamford, Fairfield, Connecticut, USA.