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Generation: 1

  1. 1.  Mary HALL (daughter of Ralph HALL and Mary ?).

    Mary married Edward SMITH Between 13 Jan 1668 and 1669. [Group Sheet]

Generation: 2

  1. 2.  Ralph HALL was born 1619, England (son of John HALL and Unknown); died Mar 1701, Exeter, New Hampshire.


    'The Halls of New England" - Halls of Exeter, NH - Ralph HALL, b. in England in 1619, and was living in 1690; the records of Exeter show that he was there from 1639 to 1645, and again permanently after 1664. He was inDover, from 1650 to 1664, and was probably in Charlestown, Mass., from 1645 to 1650; records of sales of land in Charlestown, by Ralph Hall and his wife Mary, are as follows: mortgaged land on the "Mystic side" to Thomas Gardiner, of roxbury, which he had purchased of Thomas Burton; sold twenty acres on Mystic side July 15, 1648-9; he conveyed sixty acres of land in Charlestown, Feb. 2, 1649, to Richard Cook, of that place. Ralph Hall and Mary his wife, sold land on the Mystic side, Jan. 25, 1648-9, which did "anciently" belong to John Hall and richard Kittle. John Hall of Charlestown had lot No. 48 on the Mystic side in 1633. What John hall was this? While Ralph Hall lived in Dover, he was honored wit the rank of lieutenant and became commissioner of small causes; selectman, etc. His premises on Dover Neck he sold Oct. 19, 1664, to John Reyner, "sometime teacher at Dover;" he was delegate from Exeter to the first New Hampshire assembly which met 1680, and which consisted of eleven men. It is the tradition that he was a brother of Dea. John Hall of Dover, and that another brother settled near Boston.

    Ralph — Mary ?. Mary was born , England. [Group Sheet]

  2. 3.  Mary ? was born , England.

    Other Events:

    • Reference Number: 1401
    • Record Change: 04 May 2002

    1. 1. Mary HALL
    2. Sarah HALL died 16 Jul 1662, Dover, New Hampshire.
    3. Kingsley HALL was born Between 1651 and 1652, Dover, New Hampshire; died 1736, Exeter, New Hampshire.
    4. Mary HALL was born 15 Jan 1647, Dover, New Hampshire; died Jul 1648.
    5. Joseph HALL was born , Dover, New Hampshire; died , Exeter, New Hampshire.
    6. Huldah HALL was born 16 Apr 1649, Dover, New Hampshire.
    7. Ralph HALL died 06 Jun 1671.
    8. Samuel HALL died 1690.

Generation: 3

  1. 4.  John HALL was born , England; died , Dover, New Hampshire.

    John — Unknown. [Group Sheet]

  2. 5.  Unknown
    1. John HALL was born , England.
    2. 2. Ralph HALL was born 1619, England; died Mar 1701, Exeter, New Hampshire.
    3. Steve HALL was born , England.