Male 1629 - 1689  (60 years)

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  1. 1.  Sgt. Josiah ELLSWORTH was born 1629; died 20 Aug 1689, Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut, USA.

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    • Fact: Son of John Ellsworth and Lucia Bower


    Excerpt from "Our Ellsworth Ancestors": Josiah came to America in about 1646, at the age of seventeen. He made his home in Windsor, Connecticut. he was made a "Freeman" by court order, 21 May 1657. Previous to his marriage Josiah purchased property from Alex Alford (19 March 1654). He and his family lived at this place until it was sold to Cornelius Gillet in 1658 at the time Josiah purchased a lot fro William Phelps. Several years later, in 1664 or 1665, Josiah purchased from Joanna Davison the property which has coe to be known as the "Ellsworth Homestead." The place, also known as "Elmwood," was deeded in 1903 by the heirs of Chief Justice Oliver Ellsworth to the connecticut Daughters of the American Revolution, wh maintain the property as a colonial historical landmark and a museum of revolutionary relics....
    Josiah served frequently as a juror, according to the records of the Secretary of State, at Hartford. He served in other public offices of trust, which attest the character of the man. Josiah was the owner of thirteen different peces of land, totaling about two thousand acres. One of the three fort palisades at Windsor was known as the ELLSWORTH FORT. At this place women and chuldren sought refuge from possible Indian attacks. At the tie of his death, 20 August, 1689, att the age of sixty, Josiah was considered to be in the upper group financially. His will, probated 11 November, 1689, listed his property at about $3000. Judging fron the inventory of th estate, Josiah may have been a weaver.....
    The wife of Josiah Ellsworth was ELIZABETH HOLCOMB. She was born in 1634 in Dorchester, Massachusetts, the daughter of Thomas Holcomb and Elizabeth Ferguson.
    Thomas Holcomb, the father of Elizabeth, was one of a company of one hundred forty Puritans who, in march of 1630, assembled at the hospital at Plymouth, Devon County, Englandm for the purpose of developing plans for their voyage to America. they chartered a 400 ton ship, the Mary and John, and soon set sail. After sailing for seventy days the group arrived 30 May, 1630 at Nantasket, Massachusetts. The party possibly settled just south of Boston. They named the area Dorchester. It was later incorporated into greater Boston.
    Thomas married ELIZABETH FERGUSON, a widow, in 1632. thomas was made a freeman 14 March, 1634. Within a few years - 1635-1636 - Thomas Holcomb, with sixty other people, settled Windsor, Hartford County, Connecticut. he sold his Dorchester property 12 Auagust, 1635. Thomas represented hartford County, in framing the constitution of the Colony of Connecticut. Thomas died 7 September 1657, age 57 years.....

    Josiah married Elizabeth HOLCOMBE 16 Nov 1654, Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut, USA. Elizabeth (daughter of Thomas HOLCOMB and Elizabeth FERGUSON) was born 1634, Prob. Dorchester, Massachusetts; died 18 Sep 1712, Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut, USA. [Group Sheet]

    1. Martha ELLSWORTH was born 07 Dec 1662, Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut, USA.
    2. Job ELLSWORTH was born 13 Apr 1674, Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut, USA; died 29 Sep 1751.
    3. Josiah ELLSWORTH was born 05 Nov 1655, Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut, USA; died 04 May 1706.
    4. Jonathan ELLSWORTH was born 28 Jun 1669, Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut, USA; died 13 Sep 1749.
    5. John ELLSWORTH was born 07 Oct 1671, Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut, USA; died 26 Oct 1720, Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut, USA.
    6. Mary ELLSWORTH was born 07 May 1660, Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut, USA; died Bef 1715, Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut, USA.
    7. Elizabeth ELLSWORTH was born 11 Nov 1657, Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut, USA; was christened 07 Mar 1658, Church of Windsor; died 1743.
    8. Thomas ELLSWORTH was born 02 Sep 1665, Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut, USA; died 26 Sep 1750, Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut, USA.
    9. Benjamin ELLSWORTH was born 19 Jan 1677, Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut, USA; died 14 Apr 1690, Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut, USA.

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