Elizabeth DOTY

Female Bef 1647 - 1742  (> 95 years)

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Generation: 1

  1. 1.  Elizabeth DOTY was born Bef 1647, Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA (daughter of Edward DOTY and Faith CLARKE); died 07 Apr 1742, Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA.

    Elizabeth married John ROUSE Between 13 Jan 1674 and 1675, Marshfield,Mass.. John was born 28 Sep 1643, Marshfield, Mass.; died 03 Oct 1717; was buried , Winslow Cem., Marshfield, Mass. [Group Sheet]

    Elizabeth married William CARVER Between 28 Jan 1718 and 1719, Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA. William (son of John CARVER and Millicent FORD) was born 06 Sep 1659, Marshfield, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts; died 02 Oct 1760, Marshfield, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts. [Group Sheet]

Generation: 2

  1. 2.  Edward DOTY was born Bef 1599, Prob. England; died 23 Aug 1655, Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA.


    Excepts from "Mayflower Families through 5 Generations - Edward Doty":
    Edward Doty came to New England in the "Mayflower" in 1620 as a servant in the household of Stephen Hopkins. he died in Plymouth 23 Aug. 1655.

    Edwards Doty's birth and parents have not yet been found. Since he was a signer of the Mayflower Compact on 11 Nov. 1620, he was probably at least 21 years old at the time. In Aug. 1643, his name appeared on a list of men of ages 16 to 60 able to bear arms; thus he was not born before 1583. Since his service to Stephen Hopkins appears to have been in the role of apprentice, it is probable that he was a very young man in 1620, born not long before 1599.

    His place of birth is Unkown. He was referred to, along with Stpehen Hopkins, as "of London", which may or may not have been his place of birth. Stephen Hopkins, the man he served, is believed to have married Elizabeth Fisher, his second wife, at Whitechapel, London. It is likely, therefore, that Edward Doty was born in the vicinity of London.

    Note: Two entries in the LDS International Genealogical Index give County Shropshire as a birthplace for Edward Dot in 1599. However, both references are based upon allegations made by Gustave Anjou that are believed to be fictitious.

    Edward Doty was one of ten volunteers who set out on the famous journey in the ship's boat on 6/16 Dec. 1620 that culminated on Monday, 11/21 Dec. in the landing at Plymouth. The journey was marked by many hardships, including a fight with Indians.

    Edward Doty was noted for his belligerence. On 18 June 1621, he fought the first and only duel in Plymouth Colony. His opponent was his fellow-Servant, Edward Litster or Leister; and their weapons were swords and daggers. They succeeded in wounding each other before they were separated. The entire colony assembled to decide their punishment, which was that the two men have their heads and feet tied together for a period of twenty four hours. However before one hour had passed, their evident suffering, coupled with their humble appeals for pardon, secured their release.

    Edward Doty was married twice, but nothing is known of his first wife. Her existence is known only through a reference by William Bradford, who wrote, in March or early April 1651: "but Edward Doty by a second wife hath 7 children, and both he and they are living". It is unlikely that Edward Doty was married before coming to New England, because servants were rarely married. it is far more likely that he had an unrecorded marriage some years after arriving, perhaps to one of the single women arriving in 1629 or 1630.

    Edward Doty m. (2) Plymouth 6 Jan. 1634/5 FAITH CLARKE, b. prob. England ca. 1619, daughter of Thurston and Faith (?) Clarke. She had arrived in New England on the last of Apr 1634 in the ship FRANCIS with her father, Thurston Clark.

    Edward Doty frequently appeared in Court as plaintiff or defendant. Although most of the law suits he was involved in were civil disputes, some were complaints lodged against him for trespassing, assault and battery, and breaking the peace. he lost most of these suits, both Civil and criminal, whether appearing as defendant or plaintiff.

    The will of Edward Doty,signed 20 May 1655, proved 5 Mar 1655/6, left a double portion of his estate to son Edward, the other sons (not named) to have equal shares, with a third of the estate to go to his wife. the daughters are not mentioned at all. the inventory of his estate, taken 25 Nov. 1655, recorded a net value of over 130 pounds. this was a substantial estate for the time, and showed that the one-time Servant had achieved a great-than-average level of prosperity during his life in Plymouth.

    Each of the sons disposed of his share of the land in Dartmouth bequeathed
    to them by their father: Edward on 16 Oct. 1655; John and Thomas on 17 May 1667; Samuel on 10 July 1668; Isaac on 5 July 1672; and Joseph on 13 May 1672.

    Widow Faith Doty m. Plymouth 14 Mar. 1666/7 John Phillips, as his third wife, after signing a pre-nuptial agreement that preserved her rights to oversee her children and to dispose of her property. She died and was buried in Marshfield on Tuesday 21 Dec. 1675.

    On 9 May 1671 Faith Phillips sold to son John Doty, for a "Valluable and Considerable sume of mony" the house and land at high Cliff, as well as sixty acres of upland, six adjoining acres of meadow, and the land at Sepecan.

    The will of Faith Phillips, written 12 Dec. 1675 proved 8 June 1676, left sums of mone to daughter Mary, daughter Elizabeth, and daughter Desire, and mentions her son John.

    Edward and Faith (Clark) Doty had nine children. The births of Isaac and Joseph appear in the Plymouth vital Records. Edward was identified in his father's will; and John, Desire, Eliabeth, and Mary were named in their mother's will. Sons Thomas and Samuel are identified by their sales of the lands inherited from their father.

    Son Edward Doty was the oldest child; he received a double share of his father's estate. Since he was identified as a freeman in 1658, he must have been born not later than 1637. John Doty received a musket in a distribution of weapons in Apr 1661; hence he was probably at least 21 at the time. Since his name appears consistently before that of his brother Thomas in their deed of sale to John Smith, it is likely that John was the elder of the two. Samuel, who sold land in 1668 that he had inherited from his father, was probably born about 1644.

    Of Edward Doty's daughters, Desire, who died 22 Jan. 1731 age 86, must have been born about 1645. Mary Doty's youngest child Desire Hatch, was born 25 Sept. 1698, so it is unlikely that she was born before about 1653. Elizabeth, whose name appears between those of Desire and Mary in the settlement of their mother's estate, was doubtless born between her sisters, probably about 1647.

    Edward married Faith CLARKE Between 06 Jan 1634 and 1635, Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA. Faith was born Abt 1619, Prob. England; was buried 21 Dec 1675, Marshfield, Mass.. [Group Sheet]

  2. 3.  Faith CLARKE was born Abt 1619, Prob. England; was buried 21 Dec 1675, Marshfield, Mass..
    1. Edward DOTY was born Bef 1637, Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA; died Between 08 Feb 1689 and 1690, Plymouth Harbor.
    2. John DOTY was born Bef 1640, Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA; died 08 May 1701, Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA.
    3. Thomas DOTY was born Between 1641 and 1642, Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA; died Between 04 and 05 Dec 1678, Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA.
    4. Samuel DOTY was born Between 1643 and 1644, Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA; died Between 18 Sep and 09 Nov 1715.
    5. Desire DOTY was born Between 1645 and 1646, Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA; died 22 Jan 1731, Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA.
    6. 1. Elizabeth DOTY was born Bef 1647, Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA; died 07 Apr 1742, Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA.
    7. Isaac DOTY was born Between 08 Feb 1648 and 1649, Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA; died Between 07 Jan 1728 and 1729, Oyster Bay, New York.
    8. Joseph DOTY was born 30 Apr 1651, Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA; died Between 03 May 1731 and 18 Sep 1734.
    9. Mary DOTY was born Bef 1653, Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA; died Bef 13 Jun 1728.