Margherita DE'MEDICI

Female 1612 - 1679  (66 years)

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Generation: 1

  1. 1.  Margherita DE'MEDICI was born 31 May 1612 (daughter of Cosimo DE'MEDICI, II and Maria Magdalena Of AUSTRIA); died 06 Feb 1679.

    Margherita married Odoardo Farnese Duke Of PARMA 11 Oct 1628. [Group Sheet]

Generation: 2

  1. 2.  Cosimo DE'MEDICI, II was born 12 May 1590 (son of Ferdinando DE'MEDICI, I and Christina Of LORRAINE); died 28 Feb 1621.

    Cosimo married Maria Magdalena Of AUSTRIA 1608. Maria (daughter of Charles II Archduke Of AUSTRIA and Maria Anna Of BAVARIA) was born 07 Oct 1589, Graz; died 01 Nov 1631, Padua. [Group Sheet]

  2. 3.  Maria Magdalena Of AUSTRIA was born 07 Oct 1589, Graz (daughter of Charles II Archduke Of AUSTRIA and Maria Anna Of BAVARIA); died 01 Nov 1631, Padua.
    1. Leopoldo DE'MEDICI was born 06 Nov 1617; died 10 Nov 1675.
    2. Anna DE'MEDICI was born 21 Jul 1616; died 11 Sep 1676.
    3. Mattia DE'MEDICI was born 09 Apr 1613; died 14 Oct 1667.
    4. Francesco DE'MEDICI was born 16 Oct 1614; died 25 Jul 1634.
    5. 1. Margherita DE'MEDICI was born 31 May 1612; died 06 Feb 1679.
    6. Maria Cristina DE'MEDICI was born 24 Aug 1609; died 09 Aug 1632.
    7. Ferdinando DE'MEDICI was born 14 Jul 1610; died 23 May 1670.
    8. Giancarlo DE'MEDICI was born 24 Jul 1611; died 23 Jan 1663.

Generation: 3

  1. 4.  Ferdinando DE'MEDICI, I was born 30 Jul 1549 (son of Cosimo DE'MEDICI, I and Eleonora DE TOLEDO); died 17 Feb 1609.

    Ferdinando married Christina Of LORRAINE 03 May 1589. Christina (daughter of Charles III Duke Of LORRAINE and Claude Of VALOIS) was born 16 Aug 1565, Nancy; died 19 Dec 1637, Florence. [Group Sheet]

  2. 5.  Christina Of LORRAINE was born 16 Aug 1565, Nancy (daughter of Charles III Duke Of LORRAINE and Claude Of VALOIS); died 19 Dec 1637, Florence.

    Other Events:

    • Also Known As: Chretienne de Lorraine

    1. 2. Cosimo DE'MEDICI, II was born 12 May 1590; died 28 Feb 1621.
    2. Claudia DE'MEDICI

  3. 6.  Charles II Archduke Of AUSTRIA was born 03 Jun 1540 (son of Ferdinand I Holy Roman EMPEROR and Anna Of Bohemia And HUNGARY); died 10 Jul 1590.

    Charles — Maria Anna Of BAVARIA. Maria (daughter of Albert V Duke Of BAVARIA and Anna Of AUSTRIA) was born 21 Mar 1551; died 29 Apr 1608. [Group Sheet]

  4. 7.  Maria Anna Of BAVARIA was born 21 Mar 1551 (daughter of Albert V Duke Of BAVARIA and Anna Of AUSTRIA); died 29 Apr 1608.
    1. Margarita Of AUSTRIA
    2. 3. Maria Magdalena Of AUSTRIA was born 07 Oct 1589, Graz; died 01 Nov 1631, Padua.
    3. Ferdinand II Holy Roman EMPEROR was born 09 Jul 1578, Graza; died 15 Feb 1637.

Generation: 4

  1. 8.  Cosimo DE'MEDICI, I was born 12 Jun 1519, Florence (son of Giovanni Dalle Bande NERE and Maria SALVIATI); died 21 Apr 1574.

    Cosimo married Eleonora DE TOLEDO 1539. Eleonora (daughter of Don Pedro Alvarez DE TOLEDO and Maria Osorio PIMENTEL) was born 1519; died 1562. [Group Sheet]

  2. 9.  Eleonora DE TOLEDO was born 1519 (daughter of Don Pedro Alvarez DE TOLEDO and Maria Osorio PIMENTEL); died 1562.
    1. 4. Ferdinando DE'MEDICI, I was born 30 Jul 1549; died 17 Feb 1609.
    2. Garzia DE'MEDICI was born 05 Jul 1547; died 12 Dec 1562.
    3. Francesco DE'MEDICI was born 25 Mar 1541; died 19 Oct 1587.
    4. Antonio DE'MEDICI was born 1548; died 1548.
    5. Pedricco DE'MEDICI was born 10 Aug 1546; died 10 Jun 1547.
    6. Lucrezia DE'MEDICI was born 07 Jun 1545; died 21 Apr 1561.
    7. Maria DE'MEDICI was born 03 Apr 1540; died 19 Nov 1557.
    8. Giovanni DE'MEDICI was born 28 Sep 1543; died Nov 1562.
    9. Pietro DE'MEDICI was born 03 Jun 1554; died 25 Apr 1604.
    10. Isabella DE'MEDICI was born 31 Aug 1542; died 16 Jul 1576.
    11. Anna DE'MEDICI was born 1553; died 1553.

  3. 10.  Charles III Duke Of LORRAINE was born 18 Feb 1543 (son of Francis I Duke Of LORRAINE and Christina Of DENMARK); died 14 May 1608.

    Other Events:

    • Fact: Sometimes numbered as Charles II of Lorraine

    Charles — Claude Of VALOIS. Claude (daughter of Henry II King Of FRANCE and Catherine DE'MEDICI) was born 12 Nov 1547; died 21 Feb 1575. [Group Sheet]

  4. 11.  Claude Of VALOIS was born 12 Nov 1547 (daughter of Henry II King Of FRANCE and Catherine DE'MEDICI); died 21 Feb 1575.
    1. Henry II Duke Of LORRAINE
    2. Elisabeth Renata Of LORRAINE was born 1574; died 1635.
    3. 5. Christina Of LORRAINE was born 16 Aug 1565, Nancy; died 19 Dec 1637, Florence.

  5. 12.  Ferdinand I Holy Roman EMPEROR was born 10 Mar 1503, Madrid (son of Philip I The Handsome King Of CASTILE and Juana Queen Of CASTILE); died 25 Jul 1564.


    Ferdinand I (10 March 1503 ? 25 July 1564), Holy Roman Emperor (1556?1564), was born in Madrid, the son of Juana the Mad, Queen of Castile (1479?1555), and Philip I the Handsome, King of Castile (1478?1506), who was heir to Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian I of Habsburg.

    Ferdinand was the younger brother of Holy Roman Emperor Charles V, who entrusted him with the government of the Habsburg hereditary lands (roughly modern-day Austria and Slovenia). In 1531 Ferdinand was elected King of the Romans, making him Charles's designated heir as emperor. He deputised as ruler during his brother's many absences from imperial lands.

    After Charles's abdication as emperor in 1556, Ferdinand assumed the title of Holy Roman Emperor, Charles having agreed to exclude his own son Philip from the German succession, which instead passed to Ferdinand's eldest son Maximilian (1527?1576
    Hungary and the Ottomans
    After Suleiman the Magnificent defeated Ferdinand's brother-in-law Louis II, King of Bohemia and of Hungary, at the battle of Mohˇcs on 29 August 1526, Ferdinand was elected King of Bohemia in his place. The throne of Hungary became the subject of a dynastic dispute between Ferdinand and John Zˇpolya, voivode of Transylvania. Each was supported by different factions of the nobility in the Hungarian kingdom; Ferdinand also had the support of Charles V, and Zˇpolya, after defeat by Ferdinand at the Battle of Tokaj in 1527, the support of Suleiman. Ferdinand was able to win control only of western Hungary because Zˇpolya clung to the east and the Ottomans to the conquered south. In 1554 Ogier Ghiselin de Busbecq was sent to Istanbul by Ferdinand to discuss a border treaty over disputed land with the Sultan, Suleiman.

    The most dangerous moment of Ferdinand's career came in 1529 when he took refuge in Bohemia from a massive but ultimately unsuccessful assault on his capital by Suleiman and the Ottoman armies at the Siege of Vienna. A further Ottoman attack on Vienna was repelled in 1533. In that year Ferdinand signed a peace treaty with the Ottoman Empire, splitting the Kingdom of Hungary into a Habsburg sector in the west and John Zˇpolya's domain in the east, the latter effectively now a vassal state of the Ottoman Empire.

    In 1538, by the Treaty of Nagyvˇrad, Ferdinand became Zˇpolya's successor, but he was unable to enforce this agreement during his lifetime because in 1540 John II Sigismund Zˇpolya, infant son of John Zˇpolya and Isabella Jagiello, was elected the new king of Hungary. He was initially supported by King Sigismund II Augustus of Poland and Lithuania, his mother's brother, but in 1549 a treaty was signed between the Habsburgs and the Polish ruler as a result of which Poland became neutral in the conflict, Sigismund Augustus marrying Elisabeth von Habsburg, Ferdinand's daughter.

    [edit] Government
    The western rump of Hungary over which Ferdinand retained dominion became known as Royal Hungary. As the ruler of Austria, Bohemia and Royal Hungary, Ferdinand adopted a policy of centralization and, in common with other monarchs of the time, the construction of an absolute monarchy. In 1527 he published a constitution for his hereditary domains (Hofstaatsordnung) and established Austrian-style institutions in Pressburg for Hungary, in Prague for Bohemia, and in Wroclaw (Breslau) for Silesia. Opposition from the nobles in those realms forced him in 1559 to concede the independence of these institutions from supervision by the Austrian government in Vienna.

    In 1547 the Bohemian Estates rebelled against Ferdinand when he ordered the Bohemian army against the German Protestants. After suppressing Prague with the help of his brother's Spanish forces, he retaliated by limiting the privileges of Bohemian cities and inserting a new bureaucracy of royal officials to control urban authorities. Ferdinand was a supporter of the Counter-Reformation and helped lead the Catholic fight-back against what he saw as the heretical tide of Protestantism. For example, in 1551 he invited the Jesuits to Vienna and in 1556 to Prague; and in 1561 he revived the archbishopric of Prague.

    Ferdinand died in Vienna and is buried in St. Vitus Cathedral in Prague.

    Names in other languages: German, Czech, Slovak, Croatian: Ferdinand I.; Hungarian: I. Ferdinˇnd

    Ferdinand married Anna Of Bohemia And HUNGARY 1521. Anna (daughter of Vladislaus II Of Bohemia And HUNGARY and Anne DE FOIX) was born 23 Jul 1503; died 27 Jan 1547. [Group Sheet]

  6. 13.  Anna Of Bohemia And HUNGARY was born 23 Jul 1503 (daughter of Vladislaus II Of Bohemia And HUNGARY and Anne DE FOIX); died 27 Jan 1547.


    Excerpt from Wikipedia:
    Anna, Queen of Bohemia and Hungary, also sometimes known as Anna Jagellonica (July 23, 1503 - January 27, 1547) was Queen-consort of the Romans and heiress of the kingdoms of Hungary and Bohemia.

    She was the elder child and only daughter of king Vladislaus II of Bohemia and Hungary (1456-1516) and his fourth wife Anna of Foix-Candale. She was an older sister of Louis II of Hungary and Bohemia, and his eventual heiress.

    Her paternal grandparents were King Casimir IV of Poland, Grand Duke of Lithuania, of the Jagiellon dynasty, and Elisabeth of Austria, one of the heiresses of Bohemia, duchy of Luxembourg and duchy of Kujavia. Her maternal grandparents were Gaston de Foix, Count of Candale and Catherine de Foix, Infanta of the Kingdom of Navarre.

    Life account
    She was born in Prague and for the first three years of her life was the heiress presumptive to the thrones of Bohemia and the Kingdom of Hungary. The birth of her younger brother Louis on July 1, 1506, demoted her to second-in-line. Her mother died on July 26 of the same year.

    The death of Vladislaus II on March 13, 1516 left both siblings in the care of Maximilian I, Holy Roman Emperor. It was arranged that Anna marry his grandson Archduke Ferdinand of Austria, second son of Queen regnant Joanna of Castile and her late husband and co-ruler Philip I of Castile.

    Anna married Ferdinand on May 25, 1521 in Linz, Austria. At the time Ferdinand was governing the Habsburg hereditary lands on behalf of his older brother Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor.

    Her brother Louis was killed in the Battle of Mohˇcs against Suleiman the Magnificent of the Ottoman Empire on August 29, 1526. This left the thrones of both Bohemia and Hungary vacant, and Anna being the closest living relative of Louis, Ferdinand claimed both kingdoms in her right and was elected King of Bohemia on October 24 of the same year.

    Hungary was a more difficult case. Suleiman had annexed much of its lands. Ferdinand was proclaimed King of Hungary by a group of nobles, but another faction of Hungarian nobles refused to allow a foreign ruler to hold that title and elected John Zˇpolya as an alternative king. The resulting conflict between the two rivals and their successors lasted until 1571.

    In 1531 Ferdinand's older brother Charles V recognised Ferdinand as his successor as Holy Roman Emperor, and Ferdinand was elevated to the title King of the Romans.

    Anna and Ferdinand had fifteen children, which was a boon to Bohemia and Hungary, both of which kingdoms had suffered for centuries from premature deaths among heirs and from a shortage of succession prospects.

    Meanwhile Anna served as queen consort of Bohemia and as one of two rival queen consorts of Hungary until her death. She died in her native Prague.

    In 1556 Charles V abdicated and Ferdinand succeeded as emperor, nine years after Anna's death.

    1. 6. Charles II Archduke Of AUSTRIA was born 03 Jun 1540; died 10 Jul 1590.
    2. Magdalena Of AUSTRIA was born 14 Aug 1532; died 10 Sep 1590.
    3. Margaret Of AUSTRIA was born 16 Feb 1536; died 12 Mar 1567.
    4. Maria Of HABSBURG was born 15 May 1531; died 11 Dec 1581.
    5. Johanna Of AUSTRIA was born 24 Jan 1547; died 10 Apr 1578.
    6. Ursula Of AUSTRIA was born 24 Jul 1541; died 30 Apr 1543.
    7. Eleonora Of AUSTRIA was born 02 Nov 1534; died 05 Aug 1594.
    8. Ferdinand II Archduke Of AUSTRIA was born 14 Jun 1529; died 24 Jan 1595.
    9. Johann Of AUSTRIA was born 10 Apr 1538; died 20 Mar 1539.
    10. Catharine Of AUSTRIA was born 15 Sep 1533; died 28 Feb 1572.
    11. Helen Of AUSTRIA was born 07 Jan 1543; died 05 Mar 1574.
    12. Elisabeth Of AUSTRIA was born 09 Jul 1526; died 15 Jun 1543.
    13. Barbara Of AUSTRIA was born 30 Apr 1539; died 19 Sep 1572.
    14. Maximilian II Holy Roman EMPEROR was born 31 Jul 1527, Vienna; died 12 Oct 1576.
    15. Anna Of AUSTRIA was born 07 Jul 1528; died Between 16 and 17 Oct 1590.

  7. 14.  Albert V Duke Of BAVARIA was born 29 Feb 1528 (son of William IV Duke Of BAVARIA and Jakobaea Of BADEN); died 24 Oct 1579.

    Other Events:

    • Name: Albrecht V. Herzog Von Bayern

    Albert — Anna Of AUSTRIA. Anna (daughter of Ferdinand I Holy Roman EMPEROR and Anna Of Bohemia And HUNGARY) was born 07 Jul 1528; died Between 16 and 17 Oct 1590. [Group Sheet]

  8. 15.  Anna Of AUSTRIA was born 07 Jul 1528 (daughter of Ferdinand I Holy Roman EMPEROR and Anna Of Bohemia And HUNGARY); died Between 16 and 17 Oct 1590.
    1. Maximiliana Maria Of BAVARIA was born 04 Jul 1552; died 11 Jul 1614.
    2. William V The Pious Duke Of BAVARIA was born 29 Sep 1548, Lanshut; died 07 Feb 1626.
    3. Fredrich Of BAVARIA was born 26 Jul 1553; died 18 Apr 1554.
    4. Ferdinand Of BAVARIA was born 20 Jan 1550; died 30 Jan 1608.
    5. 7. Maria Anna Of BAVARIA was born 21 Mar 1551; died 29 Apr 1608.
    6. Charles Of BAVARIA was born 1547; died 1547.
    7. Ernest Of BAVARIA was born 17 Dec 1554; died 18 Feb 1612.