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Generation: 1

  1. 1.  Joseph COWLES was born 13 Jan 1695 (son of Timothy COWLES and Hannah PITKIN).

    Joseph — Mary GOODWIN. [Group Sheet]

Generation: 2

  1. 2.  Timothy COWLES was born 4 Nov 1666 (son of Samuel COWLES and Abigail STANLEY); died 30 Aug 1736.

    Timothy married Hannah PITKIN 1 Jan 1689/90. Hannah (daughter of William PITKIN and Hannah GOODWIN) was born 1666. [Group Sheet]

  2. 3.  Hannah PITKIN was born 1666 (daughter of William PITKIN and Hannah GOODWIN).
    1. William COWLES was born 01 Sep 1690; died 12 Apr 1771.
    2. Hannah COWLES was born 1693; died 19 Feb 1777, Hatfield, Hampshire Co., Massachusetts; was buried , The Hill Cemetery, Hatfield, Hampshire Co., Massachusetts.
    3. 1. Joseph COWLES was born 13 Jan 1695.
    4. Elizabeth COWLES was born 1697, East Hartford, Hartford County, Connecticut; died 20 May 1782, Glastonbury, Hartford County, Connecticut.
    5. Abigail COWLES was born 03 Mar 1700.
    6. Martha COWLES was born 19 May 1704.

Generation: 3

  1. 4.  Samuel COWLES was born 1639 (son of John COWLES and Hannah ?); died 17 Apr 1691, Farmington, Connecticut.

    Other Events:

    • Fact: Son of John and Hannah Cowles of Hartford, Conn.


    He was one of the eighty-four proprietors of Farmington in 1672; inherited his father's estate there and became one of the leading citizens. He was a man of energy, enterprise and possessed what passed for wealth at that time. Joined the church with his wife in 1690; was the progenitor of the Connecticut branch of the Cowles family as his brother John was of the Massachusetts branch.

    Samuel married Abigail STANLEY 14 Jan 1660/1. Abigail (daughter of Timothy STANLEY and Elizabeth MORRICE) died 1736. [Group Sheet]

  2. 5.  Abigail STANLEY (daughter of Timothy STANLEY and Elizabeth MORRICE); died 1736.

    Other Events:

    • Fact: Dau. of Timothy and Elizabeth Stanley of Hartford, Conn.

    1. Deacon Samuel COWLES was born 17 Mar 1661; died 14 Oct 1748, Kensington, Connecticut.
    2. Abigail COWLES was born 1 Jan 1663; died Aft 1718.
    3. Hannah COWLES was born 10 Dec 1664; died 05 Sep 1701.
    4. 2. Timothy COWLES was born 4 Nov 1666; died 30 Aug 1736.
    5. Sarah COWLES was born 25 Dec 1668; died Aft Aug 1733.
    6. John COWLES was born 28 Jan 1670/1; died 10 Oct 1748.
    7. Nathaniel COWLES was born 15 Feb 1673.
    8. Isaac COWLES was born 28 Mar 1675; died 7 Feb 1756.
    9. Joseph COWLES was born 18 Jan 1677/8; died 30 Nov 1760, Wallingford, New Haven Co., Connecticut; was buried , Old Graveyard, Meriden, New Haven County, Connecticut.
    10. Elizabeth COWLES was born 17 Mar 1679/80; died 8 Nov 1727.
    11. Caleb COWLES was born 20 Jun 1682; died 15 Nov 1725.

  3. 6.  William PITKIN was born 1635, England; died 16 Dec 1694.


    Excerpt from "Pitkin Genealogy":

    William Pitkin, the progenitor of the family in America, who came from England in 1659, was possessed of great ability and tenacity of purpose. Endowed with a discerning mind, coupled with an excellent English education, coming into the Colony after its early settlement, he soon gained the full confidence of the Connecticut colonists. He was admitted a freeman, October 9, 1662, and was appointed the same year by the General Assembly, Prosecutor for the Colony. His marked ability gave him, in1664, the appointment of Attorney-General, by the King. From 1675 to 1690, a period of fifteen years, he annually represented Hartford in the Colonial Assembly. In 1676 he was chosen Treasurer of the Colony. He was often appointed Commissioner by the Colony to the United Colonies. In 1676 he was appointed with Major Talcott to negotiate peace with the Narragansett and other Indian tribes. In 1690 he was elected a member of the Colonial Council, and so remained till is death. In 1693 he was sent by the Colony to Governor Fletcher of New York, to negotiate terms respecting the militia until Governor Winthrop's return from England, whither he had gone on the same business (see Hollister's "Connecticut", p. 340). In 1693 "Mr. William Pitkin, Mr. Sanuel Chester, and Captain William Whiting were appointed by the General Court to run the division line between the Connecticut and Massachusetts colonies" (see Trumbull's History, p. 410; also see Col. Rec., Vol. I, p. 363-413, Vol. II, p. 426, Vol. III, p. 19). Aside from his profession, he was also one of the principal planters of the town, having purchased a large tract of land on the east side of the river, on which his sons all settled. It embraced a portion of East Hartford Center. He owned one-third interest in a saw-mill and a grist-mill at "Pitkin Falls", so called from the number of dams and mills erected there, by the Pitkin family. He was also appointed with Mr. John Crow, to lay out the first Main and other streets on the east side of the river.

    William married Hannah GOODWIN 1661. Hannah was born 1637; died 12 Feb 1724. [Group Sheet]

  4. 7.  Hannah GOODWIN was born 1637; died 12 Feb 1724.

    Other Events:

    • Fact: Daughter Of Ozias and (Mary Woodward) Goodwin

    1. Roger PITKIN was born 1662; died 24 Nov 1748.
    2. William PITKIN, Jr. was born 1664; died 05 Apr 1723, Hartford, Hartford County,Connecticut.
    3. 3. Hannah PITKIN was born 1666.
    4. John PITKIN was born 1668; died 1706.
    5. Nathaniel PITKIN was born 1670; died 20 Feb 1733.
    6. George PITKIN was born 1675; died 23 Dec 1702.
    7. Elizabeth PITKIN was born 1677.
    8. Ozias PITKIN was born 1679; died 09 Jan 1747.

Generation: 4

  1. 8.  John COWLES was born Abt 1598; died Mar 1676, Hatfield, Massachusetts.


    He is said to have been born in the west of England; was among the early settlers at Hartford and not long after 1640, located at Farmington, where he served as Townsman and in 1652, was one of those who organized the church there, being one of the "Seven Pillars." His land was on the corner at the north end of Farmington Village. Selling this property, he bought three lots just south of the present meeting house and built his house there. He was a farmer; was Deputy to the General Assembly from Farmington at the October and November sessions of 1653 and the May session of 1654. It has been erroneously said that he was one of the "signers" who started the settlement at Hadley, (Judd's Hadley, 1905 edition, p. 11.) He was one of the twenty-five "engagers" in Hadley to establish themselves at Hatfield, "cross the River" before March 25, 1661, and his record there begins in January, 1660/1; Freeman 1666. He was Townsman of Hadley, 1667. It is said that he spelled his name "Cowles" to distinguish himself from another man in the place named cole, but this seems doubtful. He may have been a brother of James of Hartford.

    John — Hannah ?. Hannah died 16 Mar 1683/4, Hartford, Hartford Co., Connecticut. [Group Sheet]

  2. 9.  Hannah ? died 16 Mar 1683/4, Hartford, Hartford Co., Connecticut.
    1. 4. Samuel COWLES was born 1639; died 17 Apr 1691, Farmington, Connecticut.
    2. John COWLES was born Feb 1641/2; died 12 May 1711.
    3. Hannah COWLES was born Feb 1644; died 4 Feb 1689/90.
    4. Sarah COWLES was born Abt 1646; died 8 May 1676.
    5. Esther COWLES was born 1649; died 1691.
    6. Elizabeth COWLES was born 1651, Farmington, Connectocut; died Aft 1696.
    7. Mary COWLES was born 24 Jun 1654.

  3. 10.  Timothy STANLEY was christened 22 Mar 1599/00, Ashford Parish Reg., Kent, England (son of John STANLEY and Susan LANCOCK); died Apr 1648.

    Timothy married Elizabeth MORRICE England. Elizabeth was born Abt 1603; died 23 Feb 1679, Hartford, Hartford Co., Connecticut. [Group Sheet]

  4. 11.  Elizabeth MORRICE was born Abt 1603; died 23 Feb 1679, Hartford, Hartford Co., Connecticut.


    Mrs. Stanley m. (2) Andrew Bacon, who removed to Hadley but she returned to Hartford after his death in 1669 and lived with her son, Caleb. The author of the Stanley Family History says: "It has been intimated, we know not on what authority, that her maiden name was Morrice." (the Stanley Families, p. 229.)

    1. Timothy STANLEY was born Jan 1633/4; died , young.
    2. Elizabeth STANLEY was born Abt 1635, Hartford, Hartford Co., Connecticut; died Bef 1692.
    3. 5. Abigail STANLEY died 1736.
    4. Caleb STANLEY was born Mar 1642; died 5 May 1718.
    5. Lois STANLEY was born 23 Aug 1645; died Aft 28 Mar 1711.
    6. Isaac STANLEY was born 10 Mar 1647/8; died 22 Sep 1671, Hadley, Massachusetts.