Male 1684 - 1697  (12 years)

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Generation: 1

  1. 1.  Samuel BELDING was born 19 Oct 1684, Hatfield, Hampshire, Massachusetts, USA (son of Samuel BELDING and Sarah FELLOWES); died 17 Apr 1697.

Generation: 2

  1. 2.  Samuel BELDING was born 06 Apr 1657, Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts (son of Samuel BELDEN and Mary ?); died Abt 1737.

    Samuel married Sarah FELLOWES 09 Oct 1678. Sarah died 05 Feb 1713. [Group Sheet]

  2. 3.  Sarah FELLOWES died 05 Feb 1713.
    1. Mary BELDING was born 27 Aug 1679, Hatfield, Hampshire, Massachusetts, USA; died 09 Sep 1724.
    2. Mehitabel BELDING was born 23 Jan 1687, Hatfield, Hampshire, Massachusetts, USA.
    3. Thankful BELDING
    4. Sarah BELDING
    5. 1. Samuel BELDING was born 19 Oct 1684, Hatfield, Hampshire, Massachusetts, USA; died 17 Apr 1697.
    6. Hannah BELDING was born 05 Dec 1681, Hatfield, Hampshire, Massachusetts, USA.

Generation: 3

  1. 4.  Samuel BELDEN was born 1632 (son of Richard BAILDON and Margaret ACKRENDEN); died 03 Jan 1713, Hatfield, Hampshire, Massachusetts, USA.

    Other Events:

    • Also Known As: Samuel Belding
    • Name: Samuel Belding
    • Baptism: 16 Sep 1632, Heptonstall, Yorkshire, England


    Town cow-keeper in 1648, soldier in King Philip's War, juror in 1655, and freeman May 21, 1657. In 1654 Samuel received a gift of land from his father. John Winthrop, in his Medical journal, records that Samuel was married and age 26 in 1658. Moved to Hatfield, opposite Hadley, Hampshire Co., Massachusetts in 1661.

    Samuel married Mary ? Abt 1654. Mary died 19 Sep 1677. [Group Sheet]

  2. 5.  Mary ? died 19 Sep 1677.
    1. Stephen BELDING was born 28 Dec 1658, Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts; died 06 Oct 1720.
    2. Ebenezer BELDING was born 16 Nov 1667, Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts.
    3. Sarah BELDING was born 30 Sep 1661, Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts.
    4. John BELDING was born 13 Nov 1669, Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts.
    5. 2. Samuel BELDING was born 06 Apr 1657, Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts; died Abt 1737.
    6. Ann BELDING was born 27 Jan 1665, Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts.
    7. Mary BELDING was born 10 Jul 1655, Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts.

Generation: 4

  1. 8.  Richard BAILDON was born Abt 1598, Kippax, England (son of Lawrence BELDON); died Aug 1655, Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut, USA.

    Other Events:

    • Also Known As: Richard Beldon
    • Fact: Name spelled Belden, Bayldon and Belding


    On a list of those taking the oath of allegiance,March 26, 1913, is this entry: "Richard Bayldon aged 19 years born at Kippax in Comm. Ebor, (i.e., Count of York) intending to pass over for Bredaugh (Breda) to be a soldier under Capen Blundell." His name is signed Richard BAYLDONN with an extra n and a flourish. It is of little importance that his age is given inaccurately; the record shows his spelling of the name and his taste for adventure. He was involved in controversies over the settling of his father's estate in 1624, after which he disappears from English records. His identification with the man who is found at Wethersfield in 1641 rests upon these considerations. Richard BAYLDON was a younger son by a second wife in a large family of only moderate wealth. He had his fortune to make. Opportunities were not plentiful in England and if he had failed to win a competence after years of effort, if his wife had died and his home ties were broken, and if his sympathies were strongly with the Puritan party, it was quite natural that he should take his sons and set out for American, as others ere doing all around him. The emigrant seems to have been such a man. His name upon his arrival and presumably at his direction is spelled Richard BAYLDEN. It was an uncommon name borne as far as appears by no other family in England. The age of his sons and other circumstances would indicate that he was in the neighborhood of 50 years old. His eldest son bore the name of the deceased brother William. Those were days of careless pronunciation and phonetic spelling, and the name is soon spelled in various ways on the records and by members of the family, BELDEN and BELDING predominating. Richard is found acquiring and disposing of land and duly taking his part in the affairs of the new community until his death in 1655, when he left his family a considerable landed estate. The rapier, or gentlemen's sword, mentioned among his effects, was a weapon for which he could have found small use in Wethersfield and was doubtless a relic of his early days.

    Richard married Margaret ACKRENDEN 09 Dec 1622, Kippax, Yorkshire, England. Margaret was born Between 1591 and 1602, Yorkshire Co., England. [Group Sheet]

  2. 9.  Margaret ACKRENDEN was born Between 1591 and 1602, Yorkshire Co., England.
    1. Susan BELDEN was born 1623.
    2. 4. Samuel BELDEN was born 1632; died 03 Jan 1713, Hatfield, Hampshire, Massachusetts, USA.
    3. Sara BELDEN was born 1630, Woodsworth, Yorks, England.
    4. John BELDEN was born Abt 1634; died 27 Jun 1677, Wethersfield, Hartford, Conn..
    5. Mary BELDEN was born 1625.
    6. Grace BELDEN was born 1627.