Female 1648 - 1691  (43 years)

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Generation: 1

  1. 1.  Lydia BARTLETT was born 08 Jun 1648, Plymouth, Massachusetts (daughter of Robert BARTLETT and Mary WARREN); died 11 Sep 1691, Plymouth, Massachusetts.

    Lydia married James BARNABY Bef 14 Jun 1670, Prob. Plymouth, Massa. James was born , Prob. England; died Bef 30 Oct 1677. [Group Sheet]

    Lydia married John NELSON Aft 30 Oct 1677, Prob. Plymouth, Mass.. John was born Between 1643 and 1644, Plymouth, Massachusetts; died 29 Apr 1697. [Group Sheet]

Generation: 2

  1. 2.  Robert BARTLETT was born Abt 1603, Prob. England; died Between 19 Sep and 29 Oct 1676.

    Other Events:

    • Fact: Was among the original purchasers of the town of Dartmouth, in the Plymouth colony.
    • Immigration: 1623, Came to Plymouth in the ship "Ann"

    Robert married Mary WARREN Aft 22 May 1627. Mary (daughter of Richard WARREN and Elizabeth WALKER) was born Abt 1610, England; died 27 Mar 1683, Plymouth, Massachusetts. [Group Sheet]

  2. 3.  Mary WARREN was born Abt 1610, England (daughter of Richard WARREN and Elizabeth WALKER); died 27 Mar 1683, Plymouth, Massachusetts.
    1. Benjamin BARTLETT was born Bef 06 Jun 1633, Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA; died Between 21 and 28 Aug 1691, Duxbury, Plymouth County, Massachusetts.
    2. Mary BARTLETT was born Abt 1634, Plymouth, Massachusetts; died 26 Sep 1692, Plymouth, Massachusetts.
    3. Rebecca BARTLETT was born Bef Dec 1634, Massachusetts; died Between 02 Jun 1657 and 15 Jul 1658.
    4. Sarah BARTLETT died Bef 14 Jun 1680, Plymouth, Massachusetts.
    5. Joseph BARTLETT was born Abt 1639, Plymouth, Massachusetts; died Between 18 Feb 1711 and 1712, Plymouth, Massachusetts.
    6. Elizabeth BARTLETT was born Abt 1643, Plymouth, Massachusetts; died Between 17 Feb 1712 and 1713, Hingham, Massachusetts.
    7. 1. Lydia BARTLETT was born 08 Jun 1648, Plymouth, Massachusetts; died 11 Sep 1691, Plymouth, Massachusetts.
    8. Mercy BARTLETT was born 10 Mar 1650/1, Plymouth, Massachusetts.

Generation: 3

  1. 6.  Richard WARREN was born Abt 1590, Poss. London, England; died 1628, Plymouth, Massachusetts.

    Other Events:

    • Birth: 1580


    Excerpt from "Certain Comeoverers": He was not of the Leyden company, but coming from London joined the Pilgrims at Southampton whence they originally set sail, afterwards coming back and again sailing from Plymouth. Of his origin in England nothing definite is known. He signed the Compact in Provincetown Harbor, November 11, 1620 and was doubtless, one of the company who on the fifteenth of November ventured ashore by wading through the surf and made the first attempt to find a suitable location for a settlement. He is expressly named in Mourt's Relation as being one of those who on December 6 made the memorable expedition which was so disastrous to the health of most of the participators. In the first allotment of house lots Richard Warren was given a lot on the north side, near William White's widow's and Edward Winslow's. Later he lived near Eel River at a place now called Wellingsley.
    Richard Warren lived only eight years in the new settlement, dying at his home in 1628. Nathaniel Morton thus writes of him: "Grave Richard Warren, a man of integrity, justice, and uprightness; of piety and serious religion; a useful instrument during the short time he lived, bearing a deep share of the difficulties and troubles of the Plantation."
    The surname of Richard Warren's wife, Elizabeth,is not known. She outlived her husband forty-five years. Unlike most of the widows of the early settlers she did not remarry, but herself took charge of her family and proved a most competent manager. She was most highly respected in the community and was always described by the honorary title of "Mistress." There is a record in 1635 of her dealing with her servant, Thomas Williams, exhorting him to fear God and do his duty, which admonition he evidently did not heed, since he was presented to the Court for "speaking profane and blasphemous speeches against the majesty of God." As an owner of real estate she is constantly mentioned in the records. The was one of the proprietors of Puncatest, and in 1652 she was an original proprietor of one share of the Dartmouth purchase. In 1661 she was taxed for a considerable property, owning seven horses among other items. Before her death she divided some of her properties among her children. She died October 2, 1673, aged ninety years. The record of her death and burial reads: "Having lived a godly life she came to her grave as a shoke of corn ripe." Her son in law, John, Cooke, was the executor of her will.

    Richard married Elizabeth WALKER Apr 1610, Great Amwell, Hertfordshire, England. Elizabeth was born Abt 1580, England; died 22 Oct 1673, Plymouth, Massachusetts; was buried 24 Oct 1673. [Group Sheet]

  2. 7.  Elizabeth WALKER was born Abt 1580, England; died 22 Oct 1673, Plymouth, Massachusetts; was buried 24 Oct 1673.
    1. Abigail WARREN was born Abt 1618, England; died Between 03 Jan 1692 and 1693, Marshfield, Mass..
    2. Nathaniel WARREN was born Abt 1624, Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA; died Between 16 Jul and 21 Oct 1667, Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA.
    3. Joseph WARREN was born Abt 1627, Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA; died 04 May 1689, Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA.
    4. Elizabeth WARREN was born Abt 1616, England; died Between 09 Mar 1669 and 1670, Hingham, Massachusetts.
    5. Anna WARREN was born Abt 1612, England; died Between 19 Feb 1675 and 1676, Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA.
    6. Sarah WARREN was born Abt 1614, England; died Aft 15 Jul 1696.
    7. 3. Mary WARREN was born Abt 1610, England; died 27 Mar 1683, Plymouth, Massachusetts.