Elizabeth BANGS

Female 1685 -

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Generation: 1

  1. 1.  Elizabeth BANGS was born 16 May 1685 (daughter of Jonathan BANGS and Mary MAYO).

Generation: 2

  1. 2.  Jonathan BANGS was born Abt 1641, Plymouth, Massachusetts (son of Edward BANGS and Rebecca HICKS); died 09 Nov 1729, Brewster, Massachusetts; was buried , Old Burial Ground, Brewster, Massachusetts.

    Other Events:

    • Death: 19 Nov 1728, Harwich, Massachusetts

    Jonathan married Mary MAYO 16 Jul 1664, Eastham, Barnstable Co., Massachusetts. Mary (daughter of Dea. Samuel MAYO and Thomasin LUMPKIN) was born Abt 1645; was christened 3 Feb 1649/50, Barnstable, Massachusetts; died 26 Jan 1711. [Group Sheet]

  2. 3.  Mary MAYO was born Abt 1645; was christened 3 Feb 1649/50, Barnstable, Massachusetts (daughter of Dea. Samuel MAYO and Thomasin LUMPKIN); died 26 Jan 1711.
    1. Edward BANGS was born 30 Sep 1665, Eastham, Barnstable, Massachusetts, USA; died 22 May 1746, Eastham, Barnstable, Massachusetts, USA.
    2. Rebecca BANGS was born 01 Feb 1667, Eastham, Barnstable, Massachusetts, USA.
    3. Jonathan BANGS was born 30 Apr 1670, Eastham, Barnstable, Massachusetts, USA; died 11 May 1670, Eastham, Barnstable, Massachusetts, USA.
    4. Mary BANGS was born 14 Apr 1671, Eastham, Barnstable, Massachusetts, USA.
    5. Jonathan BANGS, Jr. was born 04 May 1673, Eastham, Barnstable, Massachusetts, USA; died Between 03 Feb and 06 Mar 1736, Harwich, Massachusetts.
    6. Hannah BANGS was born 14 Mar 1676, Eastham, Barnstable, Massachusetts, USA.
    7. TamsonThomasine BANGS was born 05 May 1678.
    8. Samuel BANGS was born 12 Jul 1680; died 11 Jun 1750.
    9. Mercy BANGS was born 07 Jan 1682; died 27 Mar 1747, Eastham, Barnstable, Massachusetts, USA.
    10. 1. Elizabeth BANGS was born 16 May 1685.
    11. Sarah BANGS was born Aug 1687; died 02 Apr 1759, Truro, Massachusetts.
    12. Lydia BANGS was born 02 Oct 1689; died 18 May 1715, Harwich, Massachusetts.

Generation: 3

  1. 4.  Edward BANGS was born Abt 1592, Chechester, England; died Feb 1678, Eastham, Barnstable Co., Massachusetts.

    Other Events:

    • Will: 19 Oct 1677


    Excerpts from Genealogical Records: Pilgrim Genealogies and Histories: He arrived at Plymouth in 1623 in the "Ann." He was made a freeman 1633, and removed to Eastham in 1644 with the planters of that town, where he served as a Grand-Juryman, overseer of the Board. He was a Deputy to the Colony Court for four or five years. The first vessel built in Plymouth was a barque of 40 or 50 tons, and Edward Bangs had charge of the construction.

    Edward Bangs, one of the seven who began the settlement at Nausett in 1645, came over from England in the Ann in 1623, a fellow passenger with Nicholas Snow. At this period he was about thirty-two years of age, but whether a married or single man is not positively known. In the beginning of the year 1624, it having been decided to allow each person who came over in the first three ships, one acre apiece to be laid out near the settlement as possible, for planting land, which each was to use for seven years, the records show that "Bangs" was assigned four acres "towards Eel River," while Nicholas Snow was allowed the use of one acre. From this fact, it has been supposed Mr. Bangs was a married man with children at this early date. Mr. Bangs is mentioned in the records as being of John Jenney's company, which numbered thirteen persons, and to which "the twelfth lot" of cattle fell at the division, May 22, 1627. to this company "fell" says the record, "the great white back cow, which was brought over with the first in the Ann." both Bradford and Morton say the first neat cattle were brought over in the year 1624....

    Mr. Bangs was the first treasurer of Eastham, after the settlement in 1645. He was a surveyor of highways in 1647, 1650 and 165, and perhaps a deputy to the court in 1652, which year he was also of the Grand Inquest. In 1657 he was allowed "to draw wine" and strong water at Eastham, with instructions not to sell to the Indians. In 1658, he agreed to find "2 horses and 2 men for the country's service," upon the town providing "sufficient furniture for them." In 1659, he "promised freely" to find "a man and horse with complete furniture, for the term of one year for the country's service." Upon an order of the court to appoint overseers of the poor, with Nicholas Snow and Richard Higgins, he was appointed for Eastham in 1659. After this he took but little interest in public matters.

    Whether Mr. Bangs was more than once married, it is impossible to determine. His wife, in 1651, was called Rebecca. If she were his only wife, she was a daughter of Robert Hicks, who died at Scituate in 1647, as he mentions his grandson, John Bangs, in his will, which would indicate that John Bangs' mother was a daughter and that she had been or was the wife of Edward Bangs.

    Mr. Bangs died at Eastham, about the last of February in the year 1677-8, at the age of about 86 years, leaving no wife. HIs will, a lengthy document, in which he makes known his age, bears date Oct. 19, 1677. It was presented for proof at Plymouth, March 5, 1677/8, Mr. John Freeman and Mr. Thomas Crosby upon oath, testifying as to its being his last will.

    Edward married Rebecca HICKS Between 1635 and 1637. Rebecca died Bef 1647. [Group Sheet]

  2. 5.  Rebecca HICKS died Bef 1647.
    1. Rebecca BANGS was born Between 1636 and 1637, Plymouth, Massachusetts; died Bef 19 Oct 1677.
    2. 2. Jonathan BANGS was born Abt 1641, Plymouth, Massachusetts; died 09 Nov 1729, Brewster, Massachusetts; was buried , Old Burial Ground, Brewster, Massachusetts.
    3. Bethia BANGS was born 28 May 1650, Plymouth, Massachusetts; died 15 Oct 1696.
    4. Apphia BANGS was born 15 Oct 1651, Plymouth, Massachusetts; died Aft 1677.
    5. Mercy BANGS was born 15 Oct 1651, Plymouth, Massachusetts.
    6. Joshua BANGS was born , Plymouth, Massachusetts; died 14 Jan 1711.
    7. Lydia BANGS was born , Plymouth, Massachusetts; died Aft 1709.
    8. Sarah BANGS died Feb 1682/3.
    9. Hannah BANGS was born , Plymouth, Massachusetts; died Aft 1677.
    10. John BANGS died Between 27 Jan 1702 and 17 May 1708.

  3. 6.  Dea. Samuel MAYO was born , England (son of Rev John MAYO and Tamison ?); died 1664.

    Samuel — Thomasin LUMPKIN. [Group Sheet]

  4. 7.  Thomasin LUMPKIN
    1. 3. Mary MAYO was born Abt 1645; was christened 3 Feb 1649/50, Barnstable, Massachusetts; died 26 Jan 1711.
    2. Sarah MAYO was born 19 Dec 1660, Boston, Suffolk Co., Massachusetts.
    3. Mercy MAYO was born 1664, Yarmouth, Barnstable County, Massachusetts; died 20 Jan 1749, Yarmouth, Barnstable County, Massachusetts ; was buried , Sears Cemetery, East Dennis, Barnstable co., Massachusetts.

Generation: 4

  1. 12.  Rev John MAYO was born , England; died 1676.

    Other Events:

    • Immigration: 1638, Came from England


    John Mayo, a clergyman, came from England in 1638. He was in Barnstable in 1639 before the Rev. John Lothrop came, who arrived Oct. 11, 1639. Mr. Mayo then had a frame house there and acted as teaching elder of the church, of which the Rev. Joseph Hull acted as pastor. Dec.11, 1639, Thanksgiving was held at Mr. Hull's. The praises of God being ended, they "divided into three companies to feast together, some at Mr. Hull's, some at Mr. Mayo's, some at Brother Lombard's, Senior". April 16, 1640, Mr. Mayo was ordained as teaching elder. He went to Eastham in 1646 and took charge of the church, remaining till 1655, when he went to Boston and was settled over the Second or North church, remaining till 1673, when he was dismissed on account of age. He was ordained in Boston Nov. 9, 1655. The church records (in the handwriting of the Rev. Increase Mather) in the beginning of 1673, say: "Mr. Mayo, the Pastor, likewise grow very infirm, insomuch as the congregation was not able to hear and be edified." the congregation therefore desired a new minister and he consented. "On the 15th of the 2d month (April) 1673, removed his person and goods also, from Boston to reside with his daughter in Barnstable where (and at Yarmouth) since he hath lived a private life, as not being able through infirmities of old age to attend to the word of the ministry. The day of the 3d (May) month 1676 he departed this life at yarmouth, and was there buried." His widow Tamison (Tamsen) died also at yarmouth, Feb. 26, 1682/3.

    John — Tamison ?. Tamison was born , England; died 26 Feb 1682/3, Yarmouth, Massachusetts. [Group Sheet]

  2. 13.  Tamison ? was born , England; died 26 Feb 1682/3, Yarmouth, Massachusetts.
    1. 6. Dea. Samuel MAYO was born , England; died 1664.
    2. Hannah MAYO
    3. Nathaniel MAYO was born Abt 1627, England; died Between 19 Dec 1661 and 24 Feb 1662.
    4. Elizabeth MAYO died 12 Mar 1700/1; was buried 16 Mar 1700/1.
    5. John MAYO, Jr. died Between 1702 an 4 May 1707.